Nintendo will share money with YouTubers

Mario maker's new "affiliate program" will split revenue between Nintendo, Google, and creators of videos themselves.

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About a year ago, it came to light that Nintendo was claiming advertising revenue for user-created YouTube videos that feature its games, drawing criticism from creators. Now, the Mario maker has revealed a new "affiliate program" that will divide revenue between Nintendo, YouTube owner Google, and the content creators themselves.

Gamasutra received the following statement from a Nintendo of America representative: "Nintendo has been permitting the use of Nintendo copyrighted material in videos on YouTube under appropriate circumstances. Advertisements may accompany those videos, and in keeping with previous policy that revenue is shared between YouTube and Nintendo."

"In addition, for those who wish to use the material more proactively, we are preparing an affiliate program in which a portion of the advertising profit is given to the creator," Nintendo added. "Details about this affiliate program will be announced in the future."

There's no word yet on the specific revenue split that will be in place, or how content creators can gain membership to Nintendo's "affiliate program." It's also unclear what impact this new program could have on people who create content around Nintendo games, but one popular figure--TotalBiscuit--doesn't appear to be happy about it. Here's what he said on Twitter (via Kotaku).

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Mario Kart 8, which launches this Friday for Wii U, will allow users to upload their gameplay clips to YouTube directly through the game.

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