Nintendo Will Announce More Third-Party Support for Wii U and 3DS at E3 2015

According to the manager of Nintendo of Canada, the company has some big partnerships to reveal.


It feels like a long time since Nintendo had meaningful support from big third-party publishers. After the Wii U's launch in 2012, when Batman: Arkham City, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, and Mass Effect 3 were all ported to the console, publishers have generally moved over to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One instead of the Wii U.

Now, however, it seems like that might change. According to the general manager of Nintendo of Canada Pierre-Paul Trepanier in an interview with Alphabeatic, Nintendo has some big partnerships to announce at the E3 conference next week. "We still have those great, big third-party partners like Ubisoft who continue to invest in our platforms," he stated. "In the next few weeks at E3 you'll be hearing about more big third-party partnerships."

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Trepanier went on to explain that Nintendo has been making a concerted effort recently to create more deals with third-party companies: "We would love to have [third-party titles] and you'll hear in a few weeks about some interesting partnerships. We've already over the past year opened up and aggressively sought licensing deals in lots of different areas."

The Wii U has been propped up primarily by games coming out of Nintendo's first-party studios, such as Super Smash Bros., Splatoon, and Mario Kart 8. It would be good news for Wii U owners if Nintendo brought some third-party support back to the system, especially considering EA has said that it is not developing anything for the Wii U.

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