Nintendo: Wii < $250

Mario factory announces price point (sort of), says six million units in channel by March 2007.


Nintendo has announced the price point for its new living-room console, the Wii, which will be launched globally in Q4 2006. Although for now the pricing is not exact, it will not exceed $250 in America or 25,000 yen in Japan. No estimate was announced for the European market, but the indication given was that it would be a "similar, affordable price."

In addition, Nintendo said it will soon release details on the Virtual Console, and "exact launch dates." Nintendo's wording of the "launch dates" is ambiguous--it could refer to Wii games alone, or it could mean a staggered launch of the system, or both. Regardless of when the launch happens, the publisher said it expects to ship 6 million consoles before the end of March 2007, as well as 17 million games.

The news comes hot on the heels of an earlier posting by the company of a 19 percent drop in annual profits, and a warning that results for the current financial year would be 3.5 percent lower than previously thought.

However, Nintendo still expects sales to grow by 18 percent globally, based on continuing sales of the Nintendo DS, and hopes for a successful Wii launch. The DS Lite, a new, sleeker version of the twin-screen handheld, is due to launch on June 11 in America and June 23 in Europe, and new key titles such as New Super Mario Bros. will no doubt cause sales spikes globally.

Nintendo's pricing decision will compare directly with key Japanese rival Sony, whose PlayStation 3 console will ship for a significantly higher price at around the same time, and will cost up to $599 for the top-end model.

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im going to get a wii and just talk to me and add me if you want to and im not braging

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If it wasn't selling so darn well maybe we could get a price drop sometime this decade. -----signature----- << LINK REMOVED >>

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Wait, what does this have to do with new super mario bros?

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The wii sounds great...

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muuust geeeeettttt wiiiii

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hmmm ill have to keep a close eye on this info

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Im glad to see that someone out there likes to keep there prices resonable.

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shooot! 250 dollars for or less thats a bargain for a system that has wireless abillties and Super Smash online!

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hope its 199.99 that would be so awesome

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How in the name of everything that is good and holy can you think that $250 is pushing it? I won't argue that PS and XBOX are good, but this price range is going to sway many fans back from the dead. I personally think that $600 is pushing it.

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excellent, i don't have to break the bank with crazy 500-600$ consoles.

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Gimme a wii (revolution name was so much better) two remotes with numchucks and a game for £180-210 and Im laughing. PS- Im so sick of the assumption that Nintendo is just for little kids, If people wern't so wrapped up in what is cool and uncool they would see that aslong as a game is fun to play then nothing else matters.

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The reason that the GameCube didn't do as well was due to Nintendo's poilcy of not liking very violent games, which turned many gamers away. That's why Sega came out on top of the SNES in the sales of Mortal Kombat. Nintendo didn't allow blood in its version, which was a main selling point.... Back to GmaeCube. Later on though, when games such as Metroid Prime, Zelda, and Resident Evil 4, started coming out, I realized the GameCube wasn't that bad. Now, since great games such as Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Zelda: Twilight Princess, and Metroid Prime 3 are coming out very close to launch, I think older Nintendo fans that loved those series, but didn't buy a GameCube will buy a Wii. I was already going to buy a Wii and that be it, mainly due to pricing, but I think I can last 3 more years playing great Nintendo series games and the Virtual Console, as long as Nintendo can put out good games with all of our favorite characters.

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i believe the price is incredibly reasonable. The company must always think of the consumer. IMO a younger child's parents are less likely to buy them a console priced $400-$600. The Wii seems to be promising, with alot of platform launch titles (Zelda, Metroid, Mario). Really, I think the controller will be as successful as the average video gamer is with the controller. It is innovative and it took balls. I have deserted Nintendo since the N64 which I never truly liked but I think I may be purchasing the Wii now. IMO Gamecube just didn't have it. No internet play, no DVD playback, uncomfortable controller. But that's just me. I don't think Sony is going to do well simply because of price. But hey, I'm no expert.

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if u complain about $250 for the wii then i guess u wont buy any upcoming system since even the xbox360 is not as good as the wii and is more expsensive, mabey even the PS3 will not be as good as the wii and its more than twice the price, this is the best deal u gonna get

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YES good price BETTER then the other nice going nitendo

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i want wii now or i cut my wrists or maybe i'll just cry either way i want it now!

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Im glad the price was that i had 400 dollars saved up just for that ! Nintendo is going to chang game play once again and its going to be great.....I heard there was going to be a sports bundle but im not shure if its a reliable sorce if you are intrested in watching some cool videos u should go to and do a search on either Nintendo Revolution of Nintendo Wii boath work : )

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Yeah...Boi.......!!!!!! much better than the other two

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I would like to see a firm $200, but $250 fine. Plus, in less than a year that price will go down to $200 probably

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The price is good caus here in the UK in comes down to 103 pounds which is a steal. what im looking forward too is both the controller and being able to download classic NES/SNES games. Nintendo are the second best company. (1. Playstation, 2. Nintendo, 3. Xbox).

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250 or less is nice and perhaps too low for something that is totally different gameplay to the other consoles that only improve graphics.

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50 bucks who cares less than a day of work

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Sweet, less than $250 is a good deal.

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Nintendo is so nice!!!

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I'll pay the $250 if I don't see any of the $60 a game crap.

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$250.00 not bad

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how much will it be in Canada?

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I don't understand how you guys/gals can gripe about a $250 price point. For the top end 360 it's $400 and for the PS3 it's $600. It's between $150 and $350 cheaper than it's opposition. I truly think with the controller and price point it will have the highest initial sales of any console. After seeing this I may buy a Wii first....

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when are you gonna come with specs of the wii!!!!

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Yeah....that's good. Unlike some other next gen console.....SONY!!!!... I'm disappointed

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I think you missed the mark BladePenguin. Xbox was not a weak system at all. Xbox 360 will probaably get killed yes, but don't go saying that Gamecube was all the and a bag of chips. Gamecube was nearly a flop because it didn't give the gamers the good games they wanted for the most part. Don't go bashing Xbox for no reason buddy, because its still really popular and not weak at all.

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First who cares if the xbox drops Xbox is a crappy system in the first place... Ps3 and Wii will kill it after so meh. Id pay 310$ (Canadian) To be able to play Super Smash bros Brawl. Its not a solid 250$ so why do people say its pushing it when the price is not fully decided, It's still a range. Aswell is the fact that just because Wii is cheaper then the other systems, doesnt mean it's weaker. For the Most Part Xbox was the weakest system for gameplay. Ps2 and GC gave us more, GC being more innovative even for years. So Conclusion Dont complain about Wii, Insult Xbox, and Dont complain about ps3 either

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Anybody who says the price is pushing it should be flamed.

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Who's going to want an Xbox 360 core system? Plus, even if the 360 drops $100, when the Wii does the same, it will be cheaper. A 250 STARTING Price is not pushing it compared to $300, $400, $500, and $600 starting prices. It is a friggin' STARTING PRICE.

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As long as the price is around $200-$250, I'll be happy. Wii Hii!

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Come on now you are just taking advantage of the people

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This is pushing it. While still a rumor (all of the others have come true), the 360 will drop in price by $100 dollars. You'd pay 200 for the core package and get a much better system.

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Hellooooooooooooooo Beautyfull!!!!!! finale nintendo's rebirth innovation against power same technique that the ds against psp!!!!!!

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definitely getting it now

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how much can u sell a gamecube for at gamestop?

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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250!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOO MUCH IM BUYING A PS3 LOL

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Well said drksamus101

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I don't really know what to think. I guess since the rest of the Nintendo consoles were $199.99, they'll lower the price. But, one way or another, I'm getting it!!

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Oh my god i have been waiting for so long to find out the pricing for the Wii. I nearly crapped my pants when i saw what the pricing might be. I'm happy about it because i all ready paid $100 on it already so i am pretty good right now. Shoot i'm almost there if they keep the ranging under or exact of $250.

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By the way wilie, the $ sign goes before the numbers.