Nintendo Wants to Sell You an Amiibo Subscription Through Loot Crate

Nintendo's upcoming collectible figurines are going to be sold through Loot Crate, but the lack of details make for an odd-sounding partnership.

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If you're excited to try out Nintendo's answer to Skylanders and Disney Infinity, Amiibo, but you want someone else to choose the characters for you, then Nintendo has an upcoming service that's just for you. The company announced that it's partnering with Loot Crate to let you "receive 10 pre-selected Amiibo (including Mario, Pikachu, Donkey Kong, Fox and Yoshi) separated into three special Loot Crate shipments throughout the holiday season."

The deal doesn't currently have a listed price, though you can sign up on the Loot Crate website to be informed when it goes live. You're also not getting the figures early nor do you know who you're getting, outside of the listed five, so it's difficult to say who exactly the bundle is for. Gamers excited for the integration have likely already pre-ordered their favorite characters, while anyone on the fence would not likely want a random assortment broken into separate shipments.

Nintendo does tease, however, that the it will have "a few additional surprises in store for Super Smash Bros. and Amiibo fans." If you're already thinking about purchasing a full set of Amiibo, it might be worth keeping an eye out just to see what the extras are and to find out if they'll offer the figures at a worthwhile discount.

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