Nintendo updates Japanese DS lineup

One brand-new title, two American-developed games headed to Japan.


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TOKYO--Following up on its surprise press conference yesterday in which it unveiled the launch dates and pricing of the Nintendo DS handheld system--but stopped short of releasing a launch games lineup or software price structure--Nintendo Co., Ltd. has updated the lineup of Nintendo DS titles that currently sits on its official website. Of the three titles added, one is a brand new title and two are previously announced games from American publishers.

Japanese publisher Success will be releasing a DS port of Robot Communication's puzzle game Zoo Keeper, which has already been released as a game for mobile phones, and also on the GBA and PS2 under the title of ZOOO. The rules in Zoo Keeper are simple: your objective is to erase the animal symbols that fill up the screen by aligning them three in a row, while trying for a high score by erasing them in a combo. Interested gamers who want to see what the game plays like can play an online version programmed with Macromedia Flash on Shockwave's Japanese site.

The other two added titles to the Japanese roster are The Urbz: Sims in the City by Electronic Arts, and Robots by VU Games. Robots would seem to be a game based on the upcoming animated movie of the same title. Its PS2, Xbox, and PC editions are slated for release during Q1 2005 alongside the computer-animated film Robots, which is also likely to be the timeframe when the DS edition will be released.

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