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Nintendo unveils new Game Boy Micro theme

Model of new handheld's coloring based on controller of Nintendo's first console will be available at launch in Japan.


TOKYO--With the vintage gaming trend still on the rise in Japan, Nintendo has unveiled the classically colored Famicom model of its Game Boy Micro, one of the five color models to be offered at the handheld's launch in the country on September 13. All five Micro models will be priced at 12,000 yen ($109).

The Famicom-model Game Boy Micro is based on the console's first-player controller, which is known for its unique red body with metallic gold panel and black buttons. A faceplate themed on the second-player controller can be acquired with points at Club Nintendo's official Japanese Web site.

The Famicom is the Japanese equivalent of Nintendo's NES and has become a symbol of the beginning of the country's success in the gaming business. Nintendo previously released a limited-edition Famicom model of the Game Boy Advance SP, which, at its peak, reached about 100,000 yen ($912) in the used-game market.

The Game Boy Micro's launch coincides with the 20th anniversary of Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. franchise. A series of TV commercials, available for viewing at Nintendo's Japanese Web site, has begun airing in Japan to announce the occasion.

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