Nintendo unveils GameEye

At E3 2002, Nintendo unveiled a working version of the Game Boy Advance camera.


At E3 2002 last week, Nintendo unveiled a working prototype of the Game Boy Advance camera. Called GameEye, the device will let players take photographs, which can be printed with a proprietary printer that was not shown. The device can also be used to take an image of a player's face and then import the image to a game. This feature was shown working with a GameCube game called Stage Debut, in which a player can take a picture of his or her face and import it into the game via the Game Boy Advance Link Cable and apply it to the face of a polygonal model. The model can then be manipulated in real time. The game will be released in Japan, but there are no plans yet to release the game in the US.

Currently, there is no solid release date for the GameEye in North America. We'll have more on the GameEye and Stage Debut when it becomes available.

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