Nintendo touches generations

Touch! Generations range will promote unique and innovative new software for nongamers and those tired of sequels.


Nintendo has announced a new line of games that will go under the Touch! Generations brand seen at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. The Nintendo DS titles that feature the new label include Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training, Electroplankton, Big Brain Academy, and Tetris DS.

Apparently, this new range of software kicked off when the company released Nintendogs, so the upcoming Dalmatian & Friends Edition will also come under the Touch! Generations banner. The game is released in Europe on June 16, and Nintendo hopes to attract some of the 2.5 million people across Europe who have bought previous editions of Nintendogs.

Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes A Day is being renamed Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain? when it launches on June 9. Electroplankton and Big Brain Academy will follow on July 7, while Tetris DS is already available. The Touch! Generations Web site is available here.

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Good news that people in EUrope are getting these great games even if I haven't played them yet.

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They're changing Brain Age's name as a marketing thing...apparently peoples perception of the name was in the negative sense...that it actually AGES your brain rather than benefitting it. All in all tho it's a fantastic idea, it's these kind of games that are setting Ninty out from their competition....and the reason I traded my DULL AS DITCHWATER PSP and I'm sooo happy with my DS. And the Wii has actually got me excited about games again whilst my 360 gathers more and more dust. Go Nintendo....oh god am I turning into a sodding fanboy?!?

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Wow, so this has been out, but they are annoucing that more titles are coming out for it. Go puzzlers!

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tch, they're changing Brain Age's name to giv this guy more credit?? weak.

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Wow personalised news...

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Man some people are so ignorant... Can you not read where it says EUROPE

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Gamespot UK people!

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Sounds like good stuff to me

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This is EUROPEAN News People!

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Will all these sorts of games be under this banner across the pond here as well??

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there might be a mistake! that game,brain age,is still in stores!

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Okay, but where's the original content? We already either own or know about these games. Where are the truly original, new DS games coming out?

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want to save your Electroplankton sounds? why not plug headphones from the DS into the LINE-IN on your pc soundcard. viola... listen on pc speakers as souns are processed through the pc, saving to hard drive.

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they AREN'T re-releasing it, it's just coming out in europe

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why bother re-releasing them this close to when they first came out...i mean it's a cool idea but implement it in future games and maybe down the road do a re-release for these games

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Um, isnt Electroplankton already out? I have it.

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That's cool. Glad to see Nintendo pulling through on their appeal to everyone.

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no, it's being released in europe... americans aren't the only people in the world, you know

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I hope with Electroplankton that they add the important feature: the save option. It would be great for people who come up with musical masterpieces to be able to record and save their work. Heck I might experiment with the voice change Plankton and hope there is more voice changing options.

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So... does that mean that Electroplankton is being REreleased?

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Thats neat can't wait to see what will happen next.

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So this is for "non-gamers and those tired of sequels"? How does releasing another Nintendogs game and another brain game benefit people who are tired of sequels?

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This is very very interesting!

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Thats interesting. I assume it's because they're games that all ages will enjoy? Electroplankton sounds pretty good.

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Awesome, I can't wait to play Brain Age!