Nintendo to Miss 20M NX Console Assembly Target in 2016, Report Claims

Platform holder is said to be scaling plans down to 12 million shipments worldwide.


Some 12 million units of the Nintendo NX, the corporation's next-generation console, is expected to ship to retailers worldwide in 2016, a new report claims.

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According to a Digitimes article, which cites a Taiwanese source said to be familiar with Nintendo's NX production plans, the initial target was 20 million units, but complications with acquiring all the necessary components has scaled plans back.

Nintendo has yet to reveal details of the Nintendo NX, aside from stating back in March that work was underway on the next-gen system. It has previously stated that it has "nothing more to say" about the system until 2016, and the corporation declined to comment when contacted by GameSpot regarding the latest report.

Recently, a Wall Street Journal article claimed that the console was a console/mobile hybrid with "industry leading" technology.

The accuracy of Digitimes' most recent report could not be verified at the time of going to press, but the publication has for several years revealed Nintendo's console manufacturing plans, apparently due to its contact with local sources involved in production.

In July, the publication said manufacturing of the console was scheduled to begin in October, adding now that the console is estimated to enter mass shipments in the second calendar quarter of 2016.

Foxconn Electronics, the assembler of Apple's iPhone, has reportedly been chosen to manufacture the device, but the company declined to comment.

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Avatar image for mrjoeyyaya

If NX is a regular console, with a regular controller (hopefully an improved gamecube controller) I'll buy it. I don't want no more gimmicks.

Avatar image for Ps_Element

Nintendo took another Huge risk with the Wii U, but they played their cards wrong.
The concept behind the Wii U could have worked IF the second screen would have been tablet support. That would have inevitably made the Second screen idea Optional, and it would have cut the price tag tremendously. After that, You update all of the hardware for the Original Wii with better memory n graphics and Include range and response consistency to the controllers and you have a Better next gen console. Nintendo could have dominated in the market with just a few Tweaks to these already good ideas.
Expansion of the "miiverse" in both games and social content could have added Sooo much to hike up the market. Who wouldn't want to carry a fully custom Mii on their smartphone or share their creation of Fb?
This Nx Idea sounds like a Step Back. They're playing it safe by looking into what made the most money and sales and expanding on it. It's unfortunate to see what I predict will be another flushed out failure.
Please Nintendo. No more Sequels. Let the classics age.

Avatar image for megakick

Good for Sony they can try to stay afloat for another year.

Avatar image for externalpower43

If they would have just lowered that price and dumped the goofy screen/controller idea then everything would have been ok.

Avatar image for coop36

@externalpower43: The controllers were the main reason they couldnt lower the price, if I remember right. They arent cheap.

Plus, if you removed the screens then its just a normal console with less power than XB1 and PS4. Theres nothing to really set it apart, besides the (usually well made) 1st party games. They kindof worked themselves into that corner.

Thats the risk you take when you try to be different I guess. Youre either a genius or a fool.

Avatar image for blackace

Rumors the NX is suppose to be more powerful then the PS4. Should be interesting to see how multiplats compare on both those systems after it's released. I hope Nintendo has a decent lineup of games for it though.

Avatar image for coop36

@blackace: Yeah, Im curious of how big publishers & devs will respond. EA and Ubi at least made some honest efforts to support the WiiU with ports. Nintendo seems to be learning, theyre definitely trying to be more accommodating to indie devs at least.

Avatar image for stuff238

I just pray they give it a normal name and not something crazy like Pii, Ew, Pu, Moo or something like that.

Avatar image for coop36

@stuff238: Since nostalgia seems to be 'trendy' in modern pop culture, maybe they would consider bringing back the Nintendo Entertainment System moniker somehow? The name is still relevant... maybe even moreso now.

Avatar image for Supercanadian67

@coop36: They need something like UltraNintendo and a huge nostalgia 80's-90's add campaign. With big bold statements like. "Most Powerful Console Ever", "Best Controller Ever" and "Best Online"

Avatar image for jackhague

So this console will bring lametendo up to the graphical power of what.... ps2 and the original xbox?

Avatar image for Supercanadian67

@jackhague: Lame...

Avatar image for eelektrik

At this point I am wondering if Nintendo intended the Wii U as nothing more than a stopgap measure to sell a few units, test out some things, but never intended to actually compete with the PS4/XB1, only to release a new console a few years later with better hardware than Sony or Microsoft put out and try and beat them that way. If they get aggressive with the launch lineup and price, they might just pull it off.

Avatar image for benedictm

Digitmes just prints rubbish. Anything they say is true is purely by luck. Ignore anything they claim. Seriously.

Avatar image for aquamah

WiiU died young

Avatar image for mrjoeyyaya

@aquamah: they say the good dies young... and Wii U was so good...

Avatar image for 0m39AX

@aquamah: Some are really born to die.

Avatar image for harlemstruggle

Realistically, I really hope the NX is basically an even better 3DS with Dualsticks, which feels amazing in the hands, improved shoulder/trigger buttons, Wii U games playable, along with their entire back catalogue linked to accounts and TV access. Not sure about 3rd party support but won't count on them... a ton of high quality RPG's will suffice if they choose to stay on the sidelines.

I doubt a portable console can play game on par with Xbox1 at any mass marketed price point, but the new 3DS is actually a really high quality device and deserves to be improved upon.

Avatar image for eelektrik

@harlemstruggle: If they design the system in such a way that it scales the graphics depending on whether it is played handheld, or on the TV, and attaches to a dock that features additional hardware(For example, access to a second GPU) for playing games at a higher resolution, it might be possible. It wouldn't be PS4/XB1 level graphics on the go, but still look pretty good and even better when playing on the TV. Which it more and more sounds like they are doing some kind of hardware that functions as portable and home console, or at least a series of hardware with a shared operating system and game library. Guess we will find out at e3. If it is the latter they are probably launching the handheld first if they are anticipating these kind of sales. They still pretty much own the dedicated portable games device market even if smart phones and tablets have dampened their relevance some.

I'd like to see them ditch dual screen and touch screens and release a handheld with a single screen and comfortable button layout but still use the single screen 3D effect of the 3DS, particularly with the face tracking 3D of the New 3DS that works significantly better and would have sold so many more 3DSes if they had launched with that. Not that the 3DS overall did poorly, but the face tracking 3D sells the effect better instead of most people just turning it off and Nintendo unfortunately released hardware capable of it late in the system's life when it was really showing its age.

Avatar image for harlemstruggle

@eelektrik: part of me wants a sweet refined dual screen fully 3D, basically an extension of what they have been doing, another part of me wants them to ditch the Wii/DS all together and release a game changer of a system, and this requires too much baseless speculation to approach rationally.

I don't think Nintendo is going to do much differently besides sync all consoles to one account and expand on their Eshop but Wii U level graphics on the go will sell and besides phones they are the only game in town.

Avatar image for eelektrik

@harlemstruggle: The reason I want/could see them ditching dual screens and touch screens is the idea of games being played on multiple devices. I guess they technically could do dual screen games on a Wii U type setup but it would be awkward as hell if the screens aren't right next to each other so you would have to hold the gamepad up to be able to see it and the TV at the same time. Similarly with touch screens, if the handheld has a touch screen and games require using it, you would have to have a gamepad with a touch screen even when playing it on a TV.

To me having a standard single non-touch screen on the handheld is the key to playing the same games with the same control schemes when connected to the TV and using a standard controller that is cheaper/easier to sell to consumers and third parties. I definitely want them to keep the single-screen 3D on the handheld though.

And yes, they really are the only game in tow in handheld games. Sony has tried twice and failed to crack that market in any meaningful way, and I don't expect Microsoft to try any time soon.

Avatar image for harlemstruggle

@eelektrik: yeah, I understand. I really want more clear organization of franchise games as well, like, 2D and 3D zelda and metroid games, Mario Land, Mario World, Yoshi Island, Yoshi wooly World, etc. them all being on one console will help sales overall, but Mario(at least in name) is oversaturated on the Wii U. on one system it is less over head(i.e. risk) to make more Wario/Waluigi/Peach/Toad/ Kid Icarus etc themed games

Avatar image for lostn

20m is pretty ambitious. They want to beat the PS4's sales rate by 33% after a dismal failure? I just don't see where these customers are coming from. The Nintendo faithful haven't latched onto Wii U, so why would they trust Nintendo on another console? The 10m who bought Wii U (including myself) would see it as a massive betrayal for them to cut and run on Wii U after only 3 years. And they expect us to buy a new console after this?

To get 20m a year, they will need to catch lightning in a bottle a second time, like they did with the wii. That means they have to reach out to casuals, and frankly, I think they've moved on.

Avatar image for 123whatever

@lostn: they've already said it wasn't meant to replace the wiiu. it's something "different"

Avatar image for Calikidd86

@123whatever: My first though would be that even though they said this, there's no way they would actually support two consoles. This being Nintendo though, and seeing how they've been able sell multiple versions of the 3DS, I won't be so quick to call bullshit. I hope they do support it, just bought my kid a wii u for Christmas.

Avatar image for 0m39AX

@lostn: Cough, cough... buy the SEGA 32X, wait, no... the SEGA Saturn!! Cough, cough!

Avatar image for Supercanadian67

@0m39AX: No! The sega CD will be the best.

Avatar image for ArabrockermanX

I think this rumor is kind of old... I thought I heard it back in the summer.

Avatar image for salmon71

sounds like most people want a PS4/X1 made from Nintendo, lol. People want NX to be more powerful than PS4 or X1, cover/handle everything (i.e. games) with the price as low as PS4/X1 at this moment. I'd just ask for more great games from them and (yes, I agree) more support from 3rd party games.

Avatar image for jackhague

@salmon71: 3rd party support is not gonna happen. They aren't going to dumb down the graphics just to port games to Nintendo.

Avatar image for deactivated-578f2053b4a13

Hope it's worth the wait.

Avatar image for Reuwsaat

Just make it current-gen architecture friendly and get the 3rd parties back to the fold, and count me sold.

Avatar image for rickjamesia

I still don't even understand what the NX is. Why would they be selling them within the next year without setting up any sort of expectation as to what it is? How will developers have time to be ready for the release window if they're so secretive about it? It's true that they could provide specs to developers in secret, but what major publishing company is going to want to have something developed on the next Nintendo console after what happened with Wii U before gauging potential customer response to the system? If no one knows what the heck it is, why would they take the risk, when they have safe bets they can make just around the corner?

Avatar image for louixiii

Dear Nintendo,

What are you doing? I mean...that last 2 consoles you released were under powered and it seems like you're always a generation behind in terms of hardware. I'll admit, I did have a lot of fun with the Wii, and I currently own a Wii U, but why haven't you reached out to third parties like the competition has? And why do I feel like you guys don't listen to us. For example...many fans were disappointed with SSBB, and all we wanted was a sequel to Melee, but you have yet to provide one. And why did it take a group of fans to create the spiritual successor to the Melee? That was your job...but I guess that's water under the bridge.

Now I'm more concerned about your new console...the NX. For 1, is it future proof? And what I mean by that is will NX games support 1080p/60fps or will it support 4K as well? Also, why did you guys decide to launch a new console in the middle of a generation? And what's going to set the NX apart from what Sony and Microsoft are already offering. For example, Sony is ready to launch their VR headset soon and Microsoft will be launching their augmented reality head set soon after, so what's going to set the NX apart from the rest? Also, in a interview a few years back, Sakurai stated that Smash Bros. Wii U was the last Smash Bros. game he was working on. If that is true, I'm sure a lot of fans of the franchise aren't going to rush to pick up a NX.

I don't speak for every gamer on Earth but I do speak for quite a few and here's what we want. 1.) A reasonable price point. 2) A console that can over power anything that's currently on the market. 3.) A true sequel to Mario 64...but I think most will settle for another Mario Galaxy game. 4.) Another Smash Bros. with Melee mechanics and a huge roster. 5.) A big hard drive (1 TB or better). 6.) Innovation. If the NX can provide all of this and more, you'll definitely make a lot of gamers happy so Nintendo, please give me a reason to buy this day 1.



P.S. If I've missed anything, please feel free to add to the wishlist.

Avatar image for jackhague

@louixiii: it all started back when n64 came out using cartridges and everyone else was using discs, but Nintendo made a conscious decision that from that point on to stay at least 1 generation behind.

Avatar image for fallin75

@louixiii: You are really asking for a lot... 1080p/60fps?, the current consoles have to choose between 1080 or 60fps, AAA games rarely have both, sometimes neither. You want a "reasonable price point" (I suppose $400) but also ask for "A big hard drive (1 TB or better)" and the power to handle everything current consoles handle (which by the way isn't 1080/60fps), "Innovation" and sequels to games that not everyone thinks they are the best of their respective franchises.

You really should lower your expectations, it is practically impossible the nintendo NX covers all that ground. Also... Smash 4 is good, better than brawl definitely and Mario Galaxy got really high scores by both users and critics.

Avatar image for codju

@fallin75: to be fair, the current consoles were designed within the limitations that existed 5 years ago. Nintendo has an advantage of current technology available for less cost.

Avatar image for louixiii

@fallin75: I don't think that I am. "the current consoles have to choose between 1080 or 60fps" that's not true. Blacklight Retribution, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, COD: Ghost, Diablo III, Fifa 14-16, Forza 5-6, Halo: MCC, Halo 5, MGSV, The Uncharted Collection and many more are 1080p/60fps.

And who doesn't want innovation and sequels. And sorry if you don't think Mario 64 or SSBM was the best in their respectful franchise, but I do...and as I stated before, I don't speak for every in the gaming community, but I speak for quite a few. And I have no plans to lower my expectation...whether I get disappointed or not.

And with today's tech, why would it be impossible?

And I never said that Galaxy or Smash WiiU didn't get great scores. I have both Galaxy games and Smash WiiU. But Galaxy isn't a 64 sequel any more than Smash WiiU is a Melee sequel

Avatar image for skizzel

i hope this console hits 1080p60fps no problem

Avatar image for xolivierx


You had me with the Gamecube and its lack of good games

you screwed me with the Wii and its thousand crappy shovelware titles

you promised greatness with the WiiU and could not deliver

You won't get me with your NX

I'm sticking to roms and my N64 when it comes to Nintendo

Avatar image for 0m39AX

@xolivierx: After the N64 I stopped caring 'bout Nintendo. Last handheld I bought from them was the DS.

Avatar image for ArabrockermanX

@xolivierx: You say that like shovelware stops the console from having great games...

Avatar image for hystavito

@xolivierx: The Wii had so much shovelware, stuff no one even knows about :). I remember a few years back someone gave me a bag of their Wii games which I took to EB Games to trade in. Many were not even in their system.

Avatar image for gannonnatasha

@xolivierx: all about the handhelds, you can't knock them for that.

3DS is amazing, with one of the best library's on the market to date..

Avatar image for X-RS

Nintendo launch drought confirmed then?

Avatar image for coop36

@X-RS: Good chance the new Zelda will launch with NX, just speculation though.

Avatar image for moonco

I just hope the NX is not filled with cheap mobile games. Give me AAA 1st/2nd party titles like Metroid, Zelda, Mario, Xenoblade and Punch Out