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Nintendo to Discontinue 3DS XL in Japan

Corporation switches focus to new model.

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Nintendo is to cease manufacturing and selling 3DS XL systems in Japan, the corporation has announced, as part of its plan to focus the market on its next handheld.

The New Nintendo 3DS XL, which boasts upgraded technology and a right-hand analogue nub, launched in Japan on October 11 and shifted 230,000 units in its first two days.

Writing on its official website, as translated by Siliconera, Nintendo stated that it will cease production of its older XL model. However, it appears that the original 3DS will not be shelved.

Since the New Nintendo 3DS XL is currently only available in Japan and Australia, it's not likely that the older model will be discontinued elsewhere, for now. In a statement to GameSpot, the company wrote: "Nintendo 3DS XL is still available in Europe and no announcements have been made. "

Nintendo has yet to reveal a release date for the New 3DS XL across the UK or Europe, though it's on track for a 2015 launch.

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