Nintendo Switch's Year In Review Is Out, Check Out Your Personalized Results

Find out what you played and how many hours you spent glued to your console.


Nintendo Switch's Year In Review is a summary of your time spent on the console for 2021, and you can log in now to see your personalized results. It's like Spotify Wrapped, but for what games you played on the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch's summary will tell you how many games you played, how many hours you played, and your top three most played games. It even breaks down how many hours you played by month and your most active day--statistics that are kind of scary and might inspire an existential crisis, especially if you play a lot of games. (Did I really go that ham on February 22 and not sleep, because I spent an entire 24 hours playing Fire Emblem? Should I do other things with my life??)

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It's been a great year for Nintendo Switch. Proven a strong competitor to Xbox and PlayStation, Nintendo Switch released a lot of well-received exclusive titles in 2021, including Metroid Dread and Monster Hunter Rise. You can check out our list of the best Nintendo Switch exclusive titles launched in 2021.

Nintendo also released the OLED Switch edition this year, which was surprisingly a pretty great upgrade--especially if you play primarily in handheld mode. For more info, head on over to our full review of the Nintendo Switch OLED.

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