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Nintendo Switch's Stardew Valley Still Coming, Dev Talks Multiplayer

The Switch version is currently "in testing."


Despite being announced last November, fans are still waiting on news about the Nintendo Switch version of the beloved farming game Stardew Valley. Today, publisher Chucklefish shared an update on the anticipated port.

In a post on its website, Chucklefish confirmed that the Switch version of Stardew Valley is currently in testing. However, the publisher still didn't pin down a release date for the game. "We generally don't announce release dates until quite close to launch, when we are at least 95% certain that nothing will go terribly terribly wrong," Chucklefish said. Still, the news that the game is in testing seems to indicate the Switch version isn't too far off.

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A multiplayer mode is also in the works for Stardew Valley. Chucklefish recently shared more info about this update. Once it releases, players will be able to build up to three cabins on their farms, each of which can house a friend. These players will be able to do almost anything the main player can, including mining, foraging, taking part in festivals, and getting married.

Chucklefish says it hopes to begin beta testing the multiplayer mode on Steam at the end of the year. It plans to release the update in full on PC in early 2018 and will bring it to Switch and then other consoles after that.

Stardew Valley launched for PC in February, 2016, and was subsequently released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One last November. The game was acclaimed by fans and critics alike; GameSpot awarded it a 9/10 in our Stardew Valley review and said of it, "The sheer number of things to accomplish in Stardew Valley can keep you interested beyond the original three in-game years you need to reach the end of your story--you may just want to start over rather than continue on."

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