Nintendo Switch's Gone Home Delayed, New Release Date Announced

Explore one of gaming's most powerful stories on the go.


The Fullbright Company and Annapurna Interactive have announced that Gone Home is coming to Switch. First releasing in 2013, Gone Home is a first-person exploration game that rose to critical acclaim for its powerful story that addresses LGBTQ issues. [Update: Gone Home will not release on August 23 as originally announced. Instead, Annapurna says it's due out on September 6 in both North America and Europe. The publisher teases, "We might have some additional news to share then, so stay tuned!"]

Gone Home puts you into the role of Katie Greenbriar, a 21-year-old woman who's returned from overseas to visit her family's new home for the first time. You find the Greenbriar house abandoned, with a note from Katie's younger sister, Samantha, begging Katie to leave well enough alone and not snoop into what happened between her and their parents in Katie's absence.

We think the game is superb, giving it a 9.5/10. In our Gone Home review, Carolyn Petit wrote, "Gone Home executes on its ambitions flawlessly. The things in the Greenbriars' home take on an emotional heft as you come to understand the stories they tell, and although they're absent, you feel the presence of the Greenbriars all around you. Gone Home is an important game because it does something games rarely do: it tells a believable story, grounded in the real world, that focuses on women and treats all of its characters, women and men alike, as complex individuals. But the reason to play Gone Home is not for its importance. It's for the elegance with which its tale is constructed and communicated, and the captivating way that it makes you an active participant in peeling back the layers of one family's ordinary lives as their home tells you their stories. Like many of our own memories, those stories cut deep."

Gone Home first launched on PC, before getting Xbox One and PS4 ports in 2016. The Switch port releases August 23.

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