Nintendo Switch's eShop Now Lets You Store Credit Card Info


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Now Playing: GS News Update: Nintendo Switch eShop Now Lets You Store Credit Card Info

When the Nintendo Switch launched in early March, users discovered that they could not store their credit card information through the marketplace. But no longer will you have to re-enter your information for every purchase (or stack your digital wallet with extra funds), as Nintendo has enabled the ability to store credit card information.

As discovered by Nintendo Everything, you will now see the option to store these details when buying an eShop game. You can then see this information on your Account Information page when it's stored. Along with this, you now have the option to require or disable password entry when buying something when your credit card details are on file.

This new feature comes to the eShop without an update, instead arriving through the background. Nintendo's support site still says you can't store credit card info, so this new feature apparently only just rolled out very recently.

GameSpot found this feature available when booting up the Switch today in Australia. We also confirmed it works on US and Japanese accounts.

The Switch has sold 2.74 million systems in March, which is well ahead of the 2 million consoles that Nintendo predicted it would sell during the month.

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Avatar image for alecrast

Great! Now they just need to put games in the store too.

Avatar image for lostn

Welcome to 2005 Nintendo.

Avatar image for Xristophoros

o boy

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

It didn't before!?

Avatar image for inkman66

Awesome ! NOW .... with this astonishing news ...... I am ready to buy a Switch. Think I will just jog on down to my corner Walmart and pick up a couple ......

Avatar image for biggamerdude

i thought it already had it.

ah well better late than never

Avatar image for silv3rst0rm

I was hoping for that but at the same time, I'm wondering if I should store them as I have my kids and my GF's kids play on it where they pretty much just click anywhere...

I guess I'll keep entering them anyway since I only buy a game or two a month!

I'd rather spend 30 secs than waste hundreds of $.

Avatar image for Celsius765

This nothing new I bought Shovel Knight Treasure Trove with my card March 10 and it asked me whether I wanted to store my card info or not I chose no.

Avatar image for yangwenli1

Woah..nintendo has finally revolutionized how we interact with games. Maybe they just added this because almost no one was buying multiple games, but now there's mario kart 8?

Avatar image for TJDMHEM

this is great news.

Avatar image for pork7

Hooray! Nothing screams fun like having your credit card info stolen from a hacked database. What could go wrong?!

Avatar image for corrus

@pork7: I was going to post the same thing haha

Avatar image for Lach0121

I would much rather have Nintendo remotely meet demand for the Switch itself.

Avatar image for JoInfo

And you guys said Nintendo was lagging behind. Psh.

Avatar image for unfreak-believ

The future is now!

Avatar image for davillain-

Hey Nintendo, remember how that work for Sony when they Let you store credit card info and look how that turn out? Yeah.

Avatar image for DEATHWlSH

Have fun getting your credit card information stolen when the Switch gets hacked.

Avatar image for inkman66

@computernoises My VCR stored by CC information ?

Avatar image for deactivated-59aca989c9399

Fucking hats off man. It's difficult making a come back to a pretty solid come back but you pulled it off (not being sarcastic).

Avatar image for deactivated-59b85d12a53d4

Gotta have a Switch for me to buy first...

Avatar image for Byshop

Great, how about putting a PIN/lock code on the console itself like a cell phone?

Avatar image for lebanese_boy

@Byshop: I second that, my solution at the moment is to restrict software via the phone app. So you need the pin every time you want to launch a game, even when you come back from sleep mode.

Avatar image for angrycreep

How can this be news? This should have been a future available at launch and not 2 months later. Oh boy Nintendo get it together.

Avatar image for grimakis

@angrycreep: It's news because people waiting for this feature now know about it.

Avatar image for deactivated-59aca989c9399

You mean Nintendo finally getting a feature that has been in use for over a decade is news? This should have been an at launch thing as it is so typical for pretty much every electronic device. Consoles can do it, Phones can do it. This should not have been news period. This is a standard thing that should have already been in play.