Nintendo Switch Year-In-Review Tool Shows Your Most Played Games

2019 was a big year for Nintendo Switch, and they've got the receipts.


2019 is coming to a close and it's time to reflect on the year that was. Nintendo has come up with a customizable way to go down memory lane, with a personalized Year in Review that compiles a ton of your play stats in a nice little package.

The Switch Year in Review starts by going over when you began playing Switch, which isn't necessarily 2019. Then it transitions into statistics like your most played games this year, total hours and number of games played, your most heavily played days and months, and even the number of Gold Points you earned throughout the year. At the bottom it lets you download PDFs of different sets of stats, and then recommends a few games based on your play history.

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Steve Watts' most played games
Steve Watts' most played games

It's a nifty tool for remembering the games that stood out to you over the year. Of course, it's also littered with advertisements for other games or hardware, like the Switch Lite and Ring Fit Adventure. Those ads don't seem based on your play history, as it displays ads for games that are already owned.

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