Nintendo Switch Will Get Isometric Puzzle-Platformer Lumo Soon

The bobbly magician returns.


Another isometric puzzle-platformer is joining the fray on Nintendo Switch. Lumo, a love letter to isometric games, is expected to hit the platform soon.

Garth Noyce, the sole developer behind Lumo, teased the game's Switch port via Twitter.

In subsequent tweets, he explained that he does not have any news on a release date yet, but expects more details soon.

Lumo, originally released in 2016, is Noyce's interpretation of retro isometric titles--a modern interpretation of the games he used to play. It's filled to the brim with all sorts of references and Easter eggs to retro isometric titles, and his programming past with Fable II, Crackdown and more.

You'll play as a bobbly little magician, navigating through 400+ rooms and challenges from elevators, boxes that fall in love with you, falling platforms, and more. There are plenty of secrets to discover, and six hidden mini-games as well.

For more on Lumo, check out some early gameplay, or our quick look with the Giant Bomb crew.

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