Nintendo Switch Will Be Back In Stock At Toys R Us Tomorrow

Units are expected to "fly off [the] shelves."


Looking for a Nintendo Switch? You may be able to get one of the hard-to-find systems at retailer Toys R Us this weekend. A representative for the store tells GameSpot that stores across the US will receive shipments tomorrow, March 25, and will presumably be sold right away.

The Toys R Us representative said shoppers should get to their local stores early, as units are expected to "fly off [the] shelves."

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This is at least the second time that Toys R Us has received a new shipment of Switch units following the hybrid console's release earlier this month.

The Switch launched on March 3 worldwide. Nintendo has not announced any sales numbers, but the system started strong, as it's now the fastest-selling Nintendo console in the company's history.

A third-party report said 1.5 million Switch units were sold in the device's first week on the market, which means it is close to meeting Nintendo's first-month expectations of 2 million sales already.

The console's marquee launch title, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, quickly became Nintendo's best-selling non-bundled launch title for any Nintendo console ever.

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