Nintendo Switch Version Of The Witness Not In The Works Now

"We are not working on such a port at this time."

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Now Playing: Nintendo Switch Unlikely To Get Acclaimed Puzzle Game The Witness - GS News Update

A Nintendo Switch version of Braid creator Jonathan Blow's latest game, The Witness, is not in the works right now. Asked about the possibility of the celebrated game coming to Nintendo's hybrid console, Blow said on Twitter (via NeoGAF), "We are not working on such a port at this time."

This statement doesn't rule out the possibility of a Switch version coming someday, but it seems like it's not happening as of yet.

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Released in January for PS4 and PC, The Witness is a $40 puzzle game that brought in more revenue than the less-expensive Braid in less than a week. The game was released on Xbox One in September 2016, with an Android edition following later. A version of the game for iOS is also apparently on the way.

In April this year, Blow showed off a very early prototype for his next game. You can see it and get more details about it here.

In GameSpot's The Witness review, Mike Mahardy awarded it a 9/10, saying that it "molds its world, puzzles, and themes into such a layered, cohesive whole that, if we look hard enough, we'll keep finding new ways to perceive it."

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For those of you wondering why this article is here, it's Eddie. Eddie's job is to generate console wars in the comments. Anytime there's a story that can be perceived as a failure to a console, he'll post.

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Nintendo Switch: The only system where games are not in the works right now.

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This is quite frankly the worst piece of non news I have seen on Gamespot.

I can half understand reporting a new release multi platform game not coming to Switch.

I can almost understand reporting a previously mentioned Switch possibility now not coming.

But asking a random indie game developer if a random old game that nobody cares about is coming to Switch when it was never mentioned it was, and then reporting when they say it's not! wtf are you actually doing Gamespot.

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You could be onto something, maybe they are giving the work experience guys the chance to write an article.

Or maybe the cleaner found an open laptop and decided he'd try his hand a games journalism lol.

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Okay so what is so bullshit is the fact they can release it on Android, specifically for the freaking Nvidia Shield TV! Which has the same exact Tegra X1 processor as the damn Switch. I literally do not see why they would not want to bring it to Switch.

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I just read a tweet saying that a port of the last of us 2 is not being worked on at this time for switch.

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We're going to need a continuous stream of articles covering which already-existing games are NOT coming to Switch.

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I never understood the "[Insert Game Title Here] Not Coming to [Console Brand Here]" articles. It's reporting non-news, which doesn't make it news.

***Breaking News: Half-Life 3 Not Coming To Nintendo Switch Any Time Soon***

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@matricks_: Some of them make sense when they're multi-platform and recently announced, but this game? Come on. It's already been out for six months.

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good the switch is too good a platform to be tainted by the blow job

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Was it ever in question? I mean, are we going to have an article about every single game that is NOT coming to the Switch? That's going to take a few pages.

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@superklyph: Report: A Nintendo Switch version of Fallout 3 is currently not in the works.

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@Ippongi_Ryuta: I heard that Fallout 2 is also currently not in the works.

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That's a real shame. Maybe people stopped buying it.