Nintendo Switch Version Of Project Rap Rabbit Now Seems More Feasible

Due to "overwhelming demand," a Switch version is now the Kickstarter's first stretch goal.


Last week, the creators of PaRappa the Rapper and Elite Beat Agents unveiled their new collaboration, a rhythm-action game tentatively known as Project Rap Rabbit.

The developers are funding the project primarily through Kickstarter and need to raise $1.1 million in order to bring it to PS4 and PC. Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions are also planned as two separate stretch goals, though their initial cost was significantly higher: the Xbox One version was listed at $3.1 million, while a Switch release would only be funded if the campaign raised $4.95 million.

Now, however, the developers have revised the campaign's stretch goals, and a Switch version will be funded at $1.5 million. In an update on the project's Kickstarter page, the developers explain that the reason the initial stretch goal for the Switch version was so much higher than the others was because "every additional mode triggered through Stretch Goals, budget and resources would need to be weighted towards the Nintendo Switch version to fully optimize the new features." Due to "overwhelming demand" for a Switch version, however, the developers have decided to make that the campaign's first stretch goal. The developers explained:

"Our original Nintendo Switch target was the cumulative total of development of all features across all platforms, with the additional cost of porting on top. Restructuring all our targets enabled us to recalculate the porting costs and internal resources needed to bring Project Rap Rabbit to Nintendo Switch for $1.5 million."

The developers have also said they are reconsidering the campaign's other stretch goals and will reach out to fans through surveys in order to determine which additional features they'd like to see next.

Project Rap Rabbit is estimated to launch by August 2018. The game's Kickstarter campaign ends in 33 days; at the time of writing, the project has raised $118,295, which the developers will only receive if the campaign meets its initial goal.

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