Nintendo Switch Update Out Now, But It Doesn't Do Much

A healthy portion of stability.


Nintendo has released the first system update for Nintendo Switch since its launch earlier this month, but don't go expecting it to introduce Virtual Console or any other meaningful features.

Whereas the day one update did have some significant components--such as enabling access to the eShop--nothing of substance has changed with today's update. According to patch notes shared on Nintendo's support site, 2.1.0 merely provides "general system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience."

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No further specifics were shared, and unless they're well-hidden, there are no new features or settings included in the update that went unmentioned in the patch notes.

The update should automatically download in the background, and you'll be prompted (but not forced) to install it when you open any piece of software. Alternatively, you can go to the System area of the Settings menu to start the very brief installation process.

While this might be a disappointing update, we do know there's a lot of functionality still to come for Switch. There's the aforementioned Virtual Console, integration with a mobile app that allows for voice chat, and a premium version of its online service that provides limited-time access to a free game. Virtual Console has not yet been dated, though we've already seen classic games released on the eShop. The mobile app is slated for this summer, with the expanded online service arriving this fall.

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