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Nintendo Switch Ships 2.74M Units, Zelda Rises To 3.84M Shipped

The console is off to a hot start, it seems.


Today as part of Nintendo's latest earnings report for the fiscal year ended March 31, Nintendo provided the first worldwide shipment update for the Nintendo Switch. The console has shipped 2.74 million units around the world since launch in March, while it has shipped 5.46 million games.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has now sold 3.84 million units worldwide, including 2.76 million units Switch and 1.08 million on Wii U. Nintendo also called out 1-2 Switch, though all it said was that the game is "generating buzz"; no sales numbers were provided.

Nintendo thinks the good times will keep rolling for the Switch, predicting to ship 10 million more units of hardware in the current fiscal year and 35 million games over the same period of time.

On the portable front, 3DS game sales were strong, Nintendo said, specifically calling out Pokemon Sun and Moon, which have now combined to sell 15.44 million units. Super Mario Maker for 3DS is now up to 2.34 million units, while Kirby: Planet Robobot has risen to 1.36 million. In all, Nintendo sold 55.08 million 3DS games during the fiscal year.

3DS hardware sales amounted to 7.27 million units for the period, up 7 percent year-over-year. Nintendo has now sold around 66 million 3DS units worldwide, making it something of a juggernaut that Nintendo said it sees as "a platform that we can rely on for software sales."

For Wii U, the system sold 760,000 units during the fiscal year, down 77 percent year-over-year. A dramatic sales decrease was of course expected, given the launch of the Switch. Nintendo sold 14.8 million Wii U games during the period, down 46 percent compared to last year.

For the past three months alone, the Wii U units. This from Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad:

Some other notes from Nintendo's earnings report is that Amiibo sales were described as "limited," coming in at 9.1 million figure units and 9.3 million card-types. Another tough spot for Nintendo was in the area of DLC. "There were relatively fewer offerings of downloadable content during this period, so digital sales were also down to a large extent on the same period last year," Nintendo said.

Additionally, Pokemon Go had a pretty significant impact on Nintendo's bottom line, it seems.

In terms of financials, Nintendo's net sales for the period amounted to ¥489 billion yen, down 3 percent compared to last year. Profit was ¥102 billion yen, which is up 521.5 percent, though this includes the hundreds of millions that Nintendo made from its sale of the Seattle Mariners.

You can read the full Nintendo earnings report here.

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