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Nintendo Switch Sells 2X As Many Systems At Launch Than Wii U In UK - Report

The system reportedly moves 80,000 units for its first weekend.


The Nintendo Switch is off to a stronger start than the Wii U, in the UK at least, it seems. reports today that the console has sold around 80,000 units during its March 3-5 opening weekend.

This is double the number of systems (40,000) that the Wii U reportedly sold for its first weekend in 2012.

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The Switch's 80,000 launch figure for the UK is not as good as the 3DS (113,000), while it is nowhere even close to the launches of the PS4 (250,000) or the Xbox One (150,000), said.

Bear in mind that the new opening-weekend Switch figure does not come from Nintendo. Nintendo has not announced any information on Switch sales for the UK or other markets around the world.

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In the UK, Switch launch title The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was the second best-selling game of last week, behind only Sony's highly touted PS4 exclusive, Horizon Zero Dawn. Almost 80 percent of Breath of the Wild's sales were for Switch, the remaining 20 percent sold on Wii U.

In the US, retailer GameStop said the Switch had one of the strongest launches in recent years, though, again, no specific unit sales figures were provided.

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