Nintendo Switch Sales Projected To Provide A Big Boost To Nvidia

Switch better have my money.


With Nvidia's custom Tegra X1 graphics processor inside the Nintendo Switch, it was clear that Nvidia was going to make a substantial amount of money once the console started flying off shelves. Now, it's proving to be the case.

As reported by Yahoo, RBC Capital Markets analyst Mitch Steves says Nvidia is projected to add between $300 to $400 million in revenue for fiscal year 2018, which began on January 30. This would translate to a 3-4% growth in annual revenue for Nvidia. Of course, that figure is contingent upon the number of consoles Nintendo manufactures. In a 12-month period (starting last month), Nintendo aims to increase production from eight million to 16 million units.

Nvidia's Tegra X1 system-on-chip (SOC).
Nvidia's Tegra X1 system-on-chip (SOC).

The original Tegra X1 chip was used in the Nvidia Shield systems, which was modified specifically for the Nintendo Switch. The last time Nvidia hardware was in a console was with the PlayStation 3; all eighth generation consoles (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Wii U) opted for AMD graphics processors.

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