Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers Are Sold Out Seemingly Everywhere

The $70 controller is hard to come by.


If you're looking to pick up additional controllers for your new Nintendo Switch, the Pro Controller may not be an option right now--at least not without paying a premium.

In a move that we perhaps should have seen coming, the $70 Pro Controller is sold out at numerous retailers in the US. Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Walmart, and Target all list the controller as being sold out on their respective websites (or only available in stores, where your miles may vary).

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Amazon and Walmart both allow third-parties to sell items, so you can pick up the controller from resellers on those sites for anywhere from $90-$120. EBay is, of course, also filled with controllers being sold by those who were fortunate enough to get their hands on one, with the going price in the $80-$100 range.

In the months before launch, preorders for the Pro Controller were hard to come by. We reported back in January how, when it went up for sale on Amazon, preorders sold out in less than half an hour. The same thing then happened at GameStop.

Now, with the system out, the controller isn't proving any easier to find. The system itself is also routinely selling out at many major retialers, though we've already seen some offer additional stock since launch on Friday.

Still, that a new game system would be sold out is no real surprise, particularly in light of the NES Classic Edition supply issues which persist almost four months after launch. The Pro Controller is very nice, features excellent battery life, and reportedly even works with PCs. But for a controller to be so hard to come by--particularly when the system essentially ships with two--is awfully strange.

We've reached out to Nintendo to see when more Pro Controllers can be expected, and we'll report back with any information we received.

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