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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Is Discounted Right Now In The US

Get an alternative to the Joy-Cons.


The Nintendo Switch's Joy-Cons work pretty well for most games, but sometimes you might find yourself wishing you had a more conventional controller. The Pro Controller is the solution, although it usually has a steep $70 price tag. Right now, though, you can grab one for $11 off.

The Pro Controller is on sale for $59 right now at Amazon. It's not a fantastic deal, but Switch accessories rarely get price cuts. This sale at the very least brings the price of the traditionally shaped controller down to the same price as PS4 and Xbox One gamepads.

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Additional Joy-Cons sets are also $10 off on Amazon at the moment, bringing the price down to $70. In related news, third-party manufacturer Hori recently announced that it is making Joy-Cons with a real d-pad--although just for Japan right now.

In spite of pricey accessories, the Switch has had a great first year on the market. In fact, it is the best-selling console in the US over its first year. Close to 15 million Switch systems have been sold globally to date.

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