Nintendo Switch Price, Launch Lineup Teased

"We would like a wide variety of consumers to enjoy Nintendo products."

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Nintendo won't officially announce more key details about the Switch system until January 2017, but now president Tatsumi Kimishima has offered a high-level take on two key areas: price and launch lineup.

In terms of pricing, Kimishima said during an earnings briefing that the console will be priced in line with what you'd expect from a Nintendo console. However, given that the Switch is something of a new idea in game--it's a console/mobile hybrid--it's not so easy to compare to any past Nintendo system.

"Regarding the price, as we have been saying, we are, in principle, not planning to sell it at a loss," Kimishima said. "We would like a wide variety of consumers to enjoy Nintendo products, and we would also like to think in terms of consumers' expectations for our products."

The Wii started at $250, while the Wii U debuted at $300. You can find out what GameSpot editors think the Switch will be priced at here in this Q&A feature.

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In terms of game support, Nintendo's only confirmed Switch game is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, though teasers for new or updated versions of Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon were shown during the Switch's announcement video. There was also a mysterious 3D Mario game on display in the video. Nintendo cautioned that the announcement trailer only showed "short glimpses of representative gameplay to demonstrate the liberating nature of the Nintendo Switch home gaming system."

As for third-party support, videos for Skyrim and an NBA 2K game were shown during the Switch's announcement trailer, but these games are not officially confirmed for the console. Ubisoft is bringing at least Just Dance 2017 to the Switch, while dozens of third-party developers have signed up to support the console, including Activision, Electronic Arts, Warner Bros., Square Enix, Konami, and Capcom.

In the earnings briefing, Kimishima said third-party support for Switch has been strong because the studios "realize that Nintendo Switch offers a chance to create new and exciting surprises which are not possible with existing gaming devices." Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said previously that Switch could "redefine" gaming.

Also during the presentation, Kimishima was asked if the initial launch lineup for Switch will be aimed at hardcore gamers. He didn't outright answer this question, but claimed Switch will be "embraced by a variety of different people across many different age demographics."

Nintendo will officially announce the Switch's price, launch lineup, and specs on January 12 during an online presentation. The company has said not to expect any major news about the console until then.

In terms of sales projections, Nintendo expects to ship 2 million Switch consoles during its launch month of March 2017.

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Interesting click bait.

No mention of the price of the switch.

And the ads are getting even more intrusive. This site is definitely going downhill.

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@Lach0121: I have 3 different popup blockers for chrome. I don't see a thing.

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@Lach0121: Gamespot and other game journalism sites have to do clickbait now because everyone goes to Twitch and Youtube for actual game footage and reviews.

Avatar image for Lach0121

@jlenoconel: Yea, that doesn't excuse them.

There is a reason why people started going those routes as opposed to these sites to begin with. Lowering the bar, isn't going to help these sites, and that is exactly what they are doing.

Avatar image for Darth_Tyrranus

@Lach0121: Yeah, this site is nowhere near what it once was. Instead of doing investigative journalism, Gamespot just hires Eddie to summarize what other gaming news sites have found. I don't even blame Eddie for it - he is just doing his job. It is the higher ups at Gamespot that have ruined this site.

As for the ads, use an ad blocker! It blocks everything but the obnoxious commercial in the video.

Avatar image for Lach0121

@Darth_Tyrranus: Thanks, I will make sure my blocker is up to date, actually I am not sure if I have on installed on this rig. I will do that thanks.

I am not blaming Eddie, or any one person. I am just stating the obvious decline in the focus, and actual journalism in this site as a whole. Actual journalism is suffering across the board, not just at this site, or just gaming sites. Everybody is fine with speculation. Opinions are thought to have just as much merit as facts. Beliefs are valued more than the process of critical thought. Its a massive anti-intellectual movement, and everyone is so quick to jump aboard. Its just freaking sad.

Avatar image for mickpunx

@Darth_Tyrranus: Eddie articles are consistently click baitey. Just regurgitating others work

Avatar image for Darth_Tyrranus

@mickpunx: That's true, but keep in mind that that is exactly the type of article that the top at Gamespot wants. If Eddie quit/was fired, someone else would just be hired to take his place and do the same thing. Gamespot management sucks.

Avatar image for deactivated-5a50575ec5600

@Lach0121: I've been here since 2003, and I find more reasons to not come back almost every day.

"Price, launch lineup revealed" -neither are actually revealed

>wrestling articles

>television/movie news

not so much GameSpot as it is E!Spot

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@Raidendude153: Exactly the same. It's been 13 years following this site and it's going to collapse.

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@Raidendude153: TMZ for games lol

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@petey_olivarez: You spelled "IGN" wrong.

Avatar image for Lach0121

@Raidendude153: I have been here for a while too, this is my second account.

I like watching wrestling. But I have Hulu, and WWE Network for that. I don't want to see it here unless, of course, it is a wrestling video game.

I like some TV shows, and Movies, but again.... I do not want to see them here. That is just more crap to shift thru to find relevant gaming news.

E!Spot lol, thats good.

Avatar image for petey_olivarez

@Lach0121: Is WWE 2K17 any good?

Avatar image for Lach0121

@petey_olivarez: I have it, but I haven't played it. I bought it for PS4, but I don't have a PS4 yet. I ordered the PS4 Pro, and it should be in my possession around Nov 11th.

I hear that its better than a lot of previous ones, but it still leaves a lot to be desired. One thing I am already disappointed in it with is the inability to play custom music for ring entrance. As a musician, I would have loved to make my own ring entrance music. But alas, I will have to wait till maybe next years iteration.

The main reason I got this one is I haven't owned a WWE game since 2013 version. And this one has the largest unique roster yet.

That said I don't expect it to be great, I expect it to be fair to decent, maybe sporadically fun.

Avatar image for DJRyuuji_Fury17

@Lach0121: still can on PS3/360 versions of the game. i play it on PS3.

Avatar image for petey_olivarez

@Lach0121: The custom music isn't a deal breaker for me but I did like having that option with WWE 2K14.

Avatar image for Lach0121

@petey_olivarez: Wasn't a deal breaker for me either obviously, I still own it. But I am still disappointed in the decision.

I just hope they rectify that with the next release, which should also only be a PS4, XboxOne, and PC release. With no ties to the previous generation. So I have much higher expectations with that release. (which will prolly be called WWE2K18, but who knows)

I think WWE 2K17 was the last Hoorah for the PS3/360 platforms.

Avatar image for petey_olivarez

@7tizz: Damn! I was wanting to get it.

Avatar image for nparks

Nintvidia Schwield! P S PWii!

Avatar image for chris120379

Nintendo switch excites me; but like previous Nintendo systems, I'd surely buy one in the long run as a second console. Playing skyrim on the go is a thought I can't get out of my head.

Avatar image for zxzmilkmanzxz

I hope that the price would be at least 300$, even 350$. But not more or it will be a commercial suicide like WiiU

Avatar image for WhoIsTheDrizzle

I'm definitely interested to see more about everything. So far its intriguing

Avatar image for nintendians

yea, around $300 for basic is good enough. a $400 bundle better include a game with a "switch" classic controller pro.

Avatar image for fanboyman

Whatever Nintendo charges I bet they'll bundle the Switch with a game to make it more appealing. I've heard people say no way they would bundle Switch with a Mario or Zelda game but that's exactly what Nintendo needs to move units, especially if they're planning to charge over $300!

Guess we'll know soon enough.

Avatar image for davillain-

Nintendo Switch price should be $300 for the basic. $400 for the Deluxe with a game and lots of GB seems fair for what ya getting at. $450 or above that price range is dead on arrival. The bottom line is, Nintendo needs to deliver the goods if they plain on not selling Switch on a loss.

Avatar image for wtf_666

Confirmed games:

Mario, Zelda, Mario, Zelda, Mario and Zelda. And Pokemon.

If you think Skyrim is coming...WAKE THE ---- UP! xD

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@wtf_666: Skyrim might be coming. The old 5 year old version though, becuase this handheld sure as hell isn't running the recent one.

Avatar image for Iconoclysm

@wtf_666: What is it that makes you think Skyrim is so graphically demanding that it wouldn't be coming? We're talking about running the game at 1280x720 here...take a look at breath of the wild and explain how Skyrim is just too much for this thing to run.

Avatar image for acerock980

@wtf_666: All you need is mario and zelda. Just need metriod.

Avatar image for fanboyman

@wtf_666: What's so unbelievable about Skyrim coming to the Switch? It probably won't have mod support but a enhanced 360 version is likely.

Avatar image for idkhow2play

I am guessing it will be at least $300 to $350. It wont be as expensive as the PS4 or Xbox One simply because it does not have the same amount of power. I would be shocked to see a $400 price tag on this console.

Avatar image for johnholmes1099

@idkhow2play: I thought xbox one S and PS4 vanilla started at 299.99? If they want to sell at a cheaper price due to less power, they should probably aim for $249. That's doubtful though, due to the likely high cost of the touch screen (which, again, no one really asked for.

Avatar image for Iconoclysm

@johnholmes1099: It's a good thing that some companies don't just make what people ask for, that's how we progress.

Avatar image for idkhow2play

@johnholmes1099: When I said Xbox One and PS4, I meant the originals. The Xbox One was $500, and PS4 was $400.

Avatar image for johnholmes1099

@idkhow2play: Yeah, but you can't compare the price point of a system coming out in 2017, with one that came out in 2013. On top of that, the xbox one was $500, and that included the kinect, so without that bundle the price had been reduced.

Avatar image for nelsonlord

The Nintendo Switch looks so fresh and sexy.. i think im in love :)

Avatar image for spartanx169x

I'm 90% sure I will get this just to play decent games while mobile. BUT , the price has got to be $300 or less.

Avatar image for wanderz

hey another incredibly informative article..

"it might sell for some amount... "

if it's over $250 i'm most likely not getting it, if it's $200 AND actually plays movies off some form of SD card or usb drive then i might get it. otherwise at best i'd wait a year to see how it's doing, and hope for a price drop. but i am curious what the price will be.

Avatar image for Iconoclysm

@wanderz: There is no way in the world it's $200.

Avatar image for Iconoclysm

@sellingthings: It will cost the same or more than the Wii U. The K1 will be over 2.5 years old by the time the Switch comes along.

Avatar image for Iconoclysm

@sellingthings: They have gone to $349, and they're likely seeing that there is more wiggle room. $200 is absolutely too low, not even reachable with a Tegra X2 or even an X1.

Avatar image for Iconoclysm

@sellingthings: Perhaps you should scroll up to the original comment? Read through what was said... The K1 will be 2.5 years old by the time the switch comes's practically on clearance right now. The X1 or better will be needed for this thing.

Avatar image for Iconoclysm

@sellingthings: Because it was kind of a flop, that's why the price dropped. Didn't it launch at $550? A current generation ARM chip that's going to have graphics good enough for the expected games is not going to come cheap.

How many consoles over $250? How about all of them in the past 10 years? They have moved their "sweet spot" for pricing. Also, if you account for inflation, every Nintendo system has cost more than $250, ever.

Avatar image for Xristophoros

@wanderz: hehe true. expect many more of these types of articles until we get official confirmation. that is the gamespot way... i see a $300usd price tag at launch. taking a wait and see approach seems best with any nintendo product so you don't get burned.

Avatar image for redalert539

@Xristophoros: "Taking a wait and see approach seems best with any nintendo product so you don't get burned."

Umm that's the approach you should take with ANY product in this industry. Not just the Nintendo ones.

Avatar image for Xristophoros

@redalert539: true, but especially with nintendo due to how the wii u turned out and nintendo's history of weak 3rd party support. with xbox and playstation, you simply do not have such fears.

Avatar image for snugglebear

@Xristophoros: You mean "We expect to possibly see more articles of this nature, but sources have not confirmed." From my standpoint, if it's less than the release price of the current consoles by their competitors, they've done well. Either way, i'm in.

Avatar image for fanboyman

@snugglebear: I haven't seen informative reporting like this since we were all calling it the NX.

Avatar image for jinzo9988

Third party developers are not going to give one single solitary **** about offering unique experiences on the console until the console sells by the truckloads, because why would you put the extra effort in to create exclusive content/gameplay for a port that's going to end up selling 50 times less than the version that the other consoles have? At this point Nintendo will be lucky to get any third party support at all, nevermind asking them to actually develop unique content for their console.

For example, the NBA 2K footage looks nice and all with 2 Switches and 4 mini controllers but what third party dev is actually going to bother putting in support for that if their game ultimately isn't going to sell at all on that console? Unless the console has a sizable audience that actually buys third party games, you'll see that kind of support initially and then it'll drop like a rock... much like the Wii U's second screen.

Avatar image for untouchables111


Avatar image for nickyparmar92

They will sell it at £300, I'm calling it. It would be a bad move since you can get a PS4 now for less than that, but Nintendo say they need to sell it not at a loss. So they need profit from the games as well as the console itself. It should go for £200, but I'm saying £300.