Nintendo Switch Overview Video Shows What Makes It Unique

Here's what's included with the system and how you can play it.


Nintendo has released a video providing an overview of its next console, the Switch. The trailer offers a three-minute breakdown of all the features in the new hybrid device.

It starts by showing off the base unit and the tablet, before moving onto the Joy-Cons and showing how they attach to the tablet to offer a more robust gaming experience. There's also a showcase of the TV mode, handheld mode, and tabletop mode.

The video digs deeper into the hardware inside the Joy-Con, which offers "new HD rumble," allowing them to "reproduce sensations and experiences in entirely new ways." The controllers' motion control capabilities are also highlighted, with attention drawn to their gyroscopes and accelerometers, as well as the right Joy-Con's infrared sensor. The right controller also features NFC "read and write" tech, which allows the console to support Amiibo.

The left controller meanwhile, has a capture button, for saving screenshots--similar to the PS4's share button. Each controller also feature two standard triggers--R/L and ZR/ZL--as well as two bumpers for when you're holding only one Joy-Con: SR and SL.

The Joy-Cons are used to their fullest in 1-2-Switch, which recently had its weirdest minigame yet revealed. If you're curious to know what the Switch feels like to hold and play, check out our hands-on impressions here.

Nintendo Switch launches on March 3, priced at US $300/£280/AU $470. The console's touchscreen was recently shown off for the first time, using Skylanders Imaginators. The toys-to-life game is one of 10 confirmed Switch launch titles. The other nine are: 1-2-Switch, The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+, Just Dance 2017, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I Am Setsuna, Human Resource Machine, Little Inferno, World of Goo, and Super Bomberman R. For all the games confirmed to be coming to Switch--but not necessarily at launch--take a look at our roundup.

The Switch launch lineup could continue to grow between now and release in March, but it's unlikely there will be as many launch titles as there were for Wii U, which had 23. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime recently spoke out to stress that launch is "not the be-all and the end-all."

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Ok i really hope that they sell extra docking stations. It would be awesome to have two docking stations and switch from tv to tv.

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ummmm...I already knew that

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I would've rather had a front facing HD cam rather than a motion cam...its too bad its uniqueness will be limited to just playing games. Would've been cool if I could like be skyping with somebody on my TV or whatever, then take it with me continuing my convo without a hitch, & it pretty much means there no chance of me ever making use of that little screen shot button, or any social apps of any kind...

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Who is the idiot who wrote this article? It does not list what comes with the switch. I assume it's just the tablet and dock????

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@pork7: Check the following link:

Click "What's Included" (to right of picture) to see the answer to your question.

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Looks like a Christmas '17 purchase for me when there are plenty on store shelves, there is a decent library of games and there will probably be a discount bundle with pack in game.

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Still remembering how Lucy and Tamoor didn't seem especially enthused after holding the controllers.

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I wonder if much beyond 1,2 switch will even use those features in the controllers.

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I'm not buying.... yet. I'll wait for the games.
Unless you are a hardcore Zelda fan, there's no point of picking this one up on launch date.
I don't care that much about gimmicks, I just wanna play games, have fun, and be immersed.
So far, I'm not very impressed with Switch's game line-up.
It's a cool console and all... but where the game at, bruv?

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@hansond_jaysond_lee: Here

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@hansond_jaysond_lee.....especially if you own a Wii U and can pick up BOTW for it without having to sink $300