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Nintendo Switch Online Adds Unique Kirby Game, Harvest Moon, And More

The pink puffball headlines this collection of four retro games coming to the subscription service.


Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble brings its heavy motion-control gameplay to Nintendo Switch as part of the latest retro game additions to Nintendo Switch Online. With the system (or even a Pro controller), players can roll the pink puffball around stages in the Game Boy Color classic.

But a new Kirby game isn't the only big name now available on Nintendo Switch Online. Harvest Moon for SNES has also arrived on the subscription service. Players oversee a farm in the game, growing crops and raising livestock. You can also interact with other townspeople. The series served as an inspiration for Stardew Valley.

The other two new games are Mystery Tower on NES and Blaster Master: Enemy Below on Game Boy. Last month, Nintendo brought a trio of Super Mario Advance titles to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pass, the premium tier of the subscription service. All four of these newly announced games are part of the basic tier, which costs $20 yearly.

The Game Boy library came to Nintendo Switch Online earlier this year in February. Kirby's Dream Land was one of the first titles, with Kirby's Dream Land 2 joining the subscription service a month later.

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