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Nintendo Switch OLED Restock Is Live At Amazon

The new Nintendo Switch OLED model is a bit easier to find now, but it still regularly sells out.


Update: Both models of the Nintendo Switch OLED are currently available at Amazon.

The Nintendo Switch OLED has been in stock more regularly at major retailers in recent weeks. Additionally, both models tend to remain available for hours and sometimes days before selling out. This is perhaps a sign that Switch OLED stock is stabilizing, but keep in mind that Nintendo has stated that shortages are continuing in 2022. With that said, if you're looking to pick up the snazzy new Switch model, you're best bet is to buy it sooner rather than later. If you're wondering if it's worth the upgrade, make sure to check out ourNintendo Switch OLED review. We've rounded up Switch OLED retailer links below so you can check for current availability.

Check stock: Nintendo Switch OLED (White & Black version)

Check stock: Nintendo Switch OLED (Red & Blue version)

Two editions of the Nintendo Switch OLED are available. There's a white and black model with a white dock and Joy-Cons as well as a neon red and blue set that mirrors the original Switch color scheme. Unsurprisingly, the white model seems to be the most popular option since it's a new color scheme for the Switch, so if you're interested in the neon red and blue version, you may have an easier time buying it. We've seen it stick around for much longer than the white model.

The updated Switch has several new features, most notably a 7-inch OLED screen. In addition to the upgraded and larger screen, the OLED Switch has 64GB of internal storage, twice the space of the standard Switch and Switch Lite. It also has a wider and adjustable stand as well as improved audio and a LAN port on the dock.

The Nintendo Switch OLED model sells for $350, $50 more than the standard Switch.
The Nintendo Switch OLED model sells for $350, $50 more than the standard Switch.

While the aforementioned features are improvements on the original, the console doesn't have any performance upgrades. It will still run in 1080p resolution while docked, the same visual fidelity of the standard Switch. It also has the same CPU and RAM as well as battery life. Though the console is slightly larger than the original overall, it still works with the launch model dock. All existing Joy-Con controllers are compatible with the OLED model, too.

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