Nintendo Switch OLED Discounted To Lowest Price Yet

This is the first outright discount on the Switch OLED we've seen in months.


The Nintendo Switch OLED is on sale for $296 at eBay with promo code COUNTDOWN22. The deal applies to the white model Switch OLED, and the code expires on October 23. However, we wouldn't be surprised to see this deal sell out before the promo code expires. After all, this is the lowest price we can recall for the Switch OLED since the updated console launched a year ago.

This is the first outright discount we've seen on the Switch OLED in months. Nintendo consoles in general are very rarely on sale, so this is likely the best deal you'll see through the holiday season. It's always possible Nintendo will offer a Switch holiday bundle again this year, but it's likely the bundle will include the standard Switch.

The Switch OLED features a few upgrades over the regular Switch. Most notably, as the name suggests, it has an OLED display that is slightly larger than regular Switch. It also has a better kickstand and a wider dock that's fitted with an ethernet port.

The deal is offered by reputable seller nationwidedistributors. You'll get free four-day shipping and eBay's Money Back Guarantee. The console is brand-new, so it should arrive looking exactly like one you'd get from Amazon or other major retailers.

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