Nintendo Switch Nearly Even With Xbox One In Ubisoft Sales

The Switch is catching up to Xbox One, at least at Ubisoft.


As part of Ubisoft's latest earnings report today, the company shared a slide that shows a breakdown of game sales by platform. As you'd expect, PlayStation 4 leads the way, holding a 31 percent share for the latest period.

What might be more surprising is the quick rise of the Nintendo Switch. Switch sales accounted for 19 percent of total game revenue for Ubisoft during the period, which is just one percentage point behind the Xbox One at 20 percent. This is notable in part because the Xbox One has been on the market for longer (the Switch was only just released in March), while Ubisoft has more games available for Xbox One than Switch. Check out the chart below to see a breakdown of sales by platform and how they compare to year-over-year.

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The Switch has sold 7.63 million units worldwide as of September 30. Microsoft no longer shares Xbox sales figures, but the console has surely sold more units than the Switch.

Ubisoft CFO Alain Martinez said during an earnings call today that the Switch-exclusive Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle sold better than expected and should have a "stronger than usual" sales tail as more people get their hands on a console. As revealed previously, Kingdom Battle is the Switch's best-selling third-party title.

Additionally, Ubisoft management confirmed it's going to release more Switch games next year. "We will have some Switch games next year," CEO Yves Guillemot said. He added that the company is "very happy" with Switch sales, noting that Switch was the biggest format for Just Dance 2018.

Also as part of Ubisoft's newest earnings report, the company said Assassin's Creed Origins sales are double that of Syndicate when looking at units sold over their first 10 days. Ubisoft did not share any specific sales numbers, however, but it's clear that Origins is off to a better start. During a post-earnings conference call, CEO Yves Guillemot declared that the series is "officially back."

For more on Ubisoft's newest earnings report, check out GameSpot's breakdown here or read the full thing here [PDF].

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