Nintendo Switch Lite Works With Amiibo

The collectible figures will work with the new Switch model.


Nintendo is releasing a smaller, cheaper Switch model this fall called the Nintendo Switch Lite. The system removes a number of key features found in the base model, so it won't have detachable Joy-Cons, HD rumble, or be able to connect with a television, but one feature it will still have is Amiibo support.

GameSpot reached out to Nintendo to clarify if the Switch Lite will still be compatible with Amiibo, and a PR representative for the company confirmed the system will indeed work with the collectible figures. Just as with the standard model, you can tap an Amiibo on the right control stick and it will interact with a compatible game.

The Nintendo Switch Lite launches worldwide on September 20--the same day The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening remake releases. The game will hit stores alongside an adorable new Link Amiibo figure, which will unlock an extra feature for the game's dungeon maker mode. Other Zelda Amiibo will also be compatible with the title.

At launch, the Switch Lite will be available in three different colors: yellow, grey, and turquoise. Nintendo will also release a special edition Pokemon model on November 8, a few days ahead of the launch of Pokemon Sword and Shield. That version will have a light grey body, cyan- and magenta-colored buttons, and an illustration of the games' Legendary Pokemon, Zacian and Zamazenta, on the back.

While the Switch Lite won't have detachable Joy-Cons, it will have one improvement over the standard Switch: a proper D-pad. It appears it'll be the only model to boast one, as Nintendo says it has no plans to add a D-pad to Joy-Con controllers. You'll also be able to move your data between the standard Switch and Switch Lite, although Nintendo hasn't shared any details about how this will work yet. Check out our roundup of everything we know about Switch Lite for more on the new system.

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