Nintendo Switch Joy-Con With A Real D-Pad Coming, But It's Not Perfect

But, no word on a US release yet.


Nintendo's official Joy-Con controller for the Switch lacks a proper D-pad, instead using face-buttons so that it can be turned on its side for select games. If you've been itching for a proper cross-style D-pad, though, third-party manufacturer Hori has announced a solution.

A tweet from Hori Japan promotes the alternative left Joy-Con, displayed in a navy blue with the D-pad front and center. It says that the product is coming in July to Japan, though no release date has been announced for the west. This would be Hori's fourth Switch controller accessory, having produced a Pro-like controller, a Pokken Tournament pro pad, and an arcade fight-stick.

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There are some drawbacks to this--namely, the lack of support for HD rumble, gyro controls, and vibration. It also only works in handheld mode; other modes of play will force you to pick up a different controller or the standard Joy-Con to play.

The lack of a D-pad has been too much of a burden on Nintendo's latest system. It recently had the best first year of any console, and has announced plenty of software for its second year, including a new Smash Bros. The success is allowing Nintendo to explore its experimental side as well with upcoming projects like Nintendo Labo.

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