Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Issues And Other Tidbits Addressed On Support Site

Keep your Switch away from that aquarium.


With Switch now available, Nintendo's support site has been updated with an entire section devoted to the new console. This highlights various small things you might be interested to know about your new system, although the page on Joy-Con issues is perhaps the most important one.

Since it got into the hands of media members last week, there have been reports of Switch's Joy-Cons--particularly the left one--desyncing when not attached to the system. The arrival of the day-one system update seemed to resolve the problem for some, but not others.

If you find yourself experiencing these issues, Nintendo does recommend ensuring you download the latest system update, but it also has some other tips. These include placing the Switch in the open, bringing the Joy-Cons closer to it, and moving it away from things like other wireless devices and, strangely, aquariums. Should moving it away from problematic devices not solve the matter, Nintendo recommends turning them off, which obviously isn't ideal.

For its part, Nintendo still hasn't responded to requests for comment on the issues from GameSpot and other media outlets.

Elsewhere on the support site, Nintendo details some other things Switch owners may want to be aware of.

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Save game data, while stored internally and unable to be moved to another Switch, is unaffected when deleting a game--you're free to do so without losing your progress. Additionally, you have two options when deleting a digital game: deleting and archiving. Deleting works as you'd expect, while Archiving also removes the game and frees up space, but it leaves behind an icon on your Home screen. That allows you to easily redownload it in the future.

On the subject of backwards compatibility, it won't come as any surprise to hear that you're unable to play old games or use non-Switch controllers. The phrasing of the FAQ answer about this does raise an eyebrow, however, as it suggests it's possible we could see support for older Nintendo system's controllers in the future. "The Nintendo Switch system is an all-new way to play, and will not include backwards compatibility with digital or physical games designed for other systems, and is not currently compatible with controllers designed for other systems."

Other noteworthy things:

  • If you enter the wrong birthdate and fail the age verification test on the eShop, you have to contact Nintendo support.
  • As previously reported, the microSD card slot is under the kickstand.
  • You can format a microSD card from the System area of the Settings menu.
  • A full list of supported microSD types and speeds is available here.

If you notice any interesting tips or facts in using your Switch, let us know in the comments below!

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