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Nintendo Switch Is Apparently Resetting Play Times After One Year [UPDATE 3]

Better take screenshots of your play times if you hope to keep a record of them.


UPDATE 3: Nintendo has shared more details about the Switch playtime glitch. The company says that users' Switch play activity "is still being recorded accurately in the background" despite not displaying correctly for certain titles that were first played a year ago. Nintendo has also announced that it will deploy an update that resolves the issue.

UPDATE 2: While many more Switch owners are noticing their play times apparently being reset on the console, it appears this, thankfully, isn't permanent. Nintendo fan publication NF Magazine confirmed on Twitter that your play activity isn't deleted after one year, but rather disappears for 10 days--the length of time it normally takes for it to show up in your profile after you first begin playing a title. After the eleventh day, it reappears as normal. Nintendo has acknowledged that some Switch owners' play times have begun "displaying incorrectly" on the console's first anniversary but thus far has only said it will have more details to share about the issue "in the near future."

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UPDATE 1: Nintendo has confirmed that some Switch owners' play times are "displaying incorrectly" and that it will make a further announcement regarding the issue "in the near future." In a statement to GameSpot, the company said, "Some Nintendo Switch owners' play activity information is displaying incorrectly. We are aware of the issue and we expect to have more information to share in the near future."

The original story follows below.

The Nintendo Switch is already celebrating its first anniversary in parts of the world, but some Switch owners are discovering an unpleasant surprise on the console's birthday. It appears the Switch only keeps track of your game play times for one year and has begun resetting many players' records.

As pointed out in a thread on video game forum ResetEra, play times for launch day titles are being reset on Switch profiles. GameSpot has verified the issue; as you can see in the screenshot below, our Switch now says that we first started playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild nine days ago.

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This only appears to affect the play times listed in your user profile; save data for the titles in question remains unchanged, but you can no longer accurately see how many hours you've sunk into any games you first started playing on launch day. It's unclear if this is a permanent issue or if Nintendo will be able to restore the times via a system update. We have reached out to the company for comment and will report back with a response.

As the Nintendo Switch officially launched to the public on March 3, many early adopters in North America still haven't owned the console for exactly one year, so your play times should appear normally for the time being. If you care about preserving a record of your play times, now would be a good opportunity to take screenshots of your user profile before they are reset on the console.

Switch's first year has been a tremendous success for Nintendo and fans alike; the system was difficult to find in stores for much of 2017 and has already amassed an impressive library of acclaimed titles like Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, and most recently, Bayonetta 2. Despite that, the console is still missing some basic features we are hoping to see, such as a proper Activity Log to keep track of your play times. This new issue only reinforces the need for one.

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