Nintendo Switch Indie Battle Chef Brigade Is Getting An Update, Here's Everything That's Being Added

Doesn't that new trailer make you want a Battle Chef Brigade anime?


Trinket Studios has announced a PS4 port for Battle Chef Brigade. Called Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe, the game comes with a few updates that will be free for whoever already owns the game on Nintendo Switch or PC.

The largest update included in Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe is one that fans have been requesting for a while: split-screen multiplayer. Two new modes, Survival and Free Play, are also being added. You'll be able to play as Ziggy--the undead chef who makes sarcastic quips--too, and you'll be able to create new cooking combination with nine new items. Deluxe also come with an illustration gallery to look through, new maps to play on, and accessibility improvements--such as a color-blind option.

Released in 2017, Battle Chef Brigade attracted a fierce following for managing to mix the mechanics of cooking, puzzle, and hack-and-slash games, and then packaging those features into a charming story about an immature girl growing up to become a young chef. You play as Mina, who wants to become her world's version of a knight, a battle chef. Battle chefs hunt down dangerous creatures and cook them into exquisite dishes for the people. To become one, Mina has to pass a series of cooking competitions that play out like a monstrous version of the TV series Chopped.

You take control of Mina during the competition and must cook dishes that contain certain ingredients and flavors. You'll have to hunt down the animals and plants you need, return to the kitchen, cook your food, and serve your dish in the time allowed. Between tournament rounds, Mina can speak to her fellow chefs, run errands, and sign up for part-time jobs to earn a paycheck. Money can be spent on different types of pots and pans, ingredients Mina can take with her into competitions, or combat upgrades to make hunting monsters easier.

Battle Chef Brigade can be bought right now on Switch or PC. The Deluxe version won't be available until August 28.

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