Nintendo Switch Getting New Game In The Great BoxBoy And BoxGirl Series

He's so square.


It seemed Nintendo was ready to close the book on BoxBoy when it published Bye-Bye BoxBoy in 2017, but the monochromatic puzzler is coming back on Nintendo Switch. February's Nintendo Direct had a lot of news about upcoming games, but for many BoxBoy + BoxGirl will be the most exciting. The game brings the Qbby character back with his similarly squarish lady friend this spring, with some other new additions too.

As detailed on the Nintendo Direct presentation, BoxBoy + BoxGirl is a brand new game with 270 stages, including two-player co-op. The BoxBoy series has introduced a surprisingly diverse array of shape-based characters, and this one brings another new one: Qudy, a long rectangle. It will be coming on April 26, 2019.

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The BoxBoy series began in 2015 on Nintendo 3DS, as a new project from Kirby studio HAL. In each entry, Qbby navigates a series of puzzle-platforming challenges. His own mobility is limited, but he can create sequences of connected boxes to serve as platforms, shields against hazards, and more. It was followed by BoxBoxBoy and Bye-Bye BoxBoy, which was said to be the final entry in the series. He even got his own (relatively rare) amiibo.

"It does what a good puzzle game is supposed to: serve up a challenge and make you feel smarter for figuring out the solution, which was right in front of you all along," critic Justin Haywald wrote in GameSpot's review of the original BoxBoy. "When I started BoxBoy!, I thought it would be a game for kids. In the end, it felt like a game especially made for me."

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