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Nintendo Switch Getting Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate This Summer

Monster Hunter XX makes its way out of Japan in August.


Capcom is bringing the Nintendo Switch version of Monster Hunter XX to the West this summer. Retitled Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, the online action RPG will launch exclusively for Switch in North America and Europe on August 28.

Generations Ultimate is an expanded version of the series' last mainline 3DS installment, Monster Hunter Generations. It features additional content, including two new Hunting Styles (Alchemy and Valor), an additional Elder Dragon, and a new endgame boss. Players will also be able to embark on "G Rank" quests, which Capcom says feature "even more formidable versions of familiar foes."

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Those who've purchased Monster Hunter Generations on 3DS will be able to transfer their save data to Generations Ultimate on Switch and continue playing with their same hunters. The game also allows players to use touch screen inputs for Hunter Arts--powerful attacks that can be unleashed after filling up your Arts Gauge--and supports four-player local and online multiplayer.

Up until now, Monster Hunter XX has only been available in Japan. The game first launched for 3DS last March and was ported to Switch in August. The Switch version proved to be a big success for Capcom, but at the time the publisher said it had "no plans" to bring the game to other regions.

Like previous Monster Hunter games, the Japanese version of XX received special cross-promotional gear following its launch. Most notably, Capcom released a set of armor based on Link's Champion's Tunic from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Players could also craft a Korok costume for their Palico.

The most recent game in the series, Monster Hunter World, launched for PS4 and Xbox One back in January, with a PC release still to follow sometime this fall. Capcom acknowledged that fans had been asking for a Switch version of Monster Hunter World, but said that a port would be "difficult."

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