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Nintendo Switch Gets Green Joy-Cons, Available To Pre-Order Now

It's not easy being green.


The Nintendo Switch has a bunch of new colour options coming for its Joy-Cons later this year, but one of them will only be available through Best Buy in the US. Green Joy-Cons are available for pre-order from the retailer now with a release date set for October 27.

Other Joy-Con colours launching this October include a Blue and Neon Yellow pair and a Neon Purple and Neon Orange pair (or as I like to call them the Waluigi and Wario Joy-Cons). They arrive on October 4.

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One thing that's important to note about Joy-Cons is that many reports of analog stick drift have been reported in recent weeks. Nintendo has addressed this issue and is currently offering free Joy-Con fixes and refunds to those who have already paid for repairs. I recently sent in a pair of Joy-Cons and was not charged for the service. It's unclear if Nintendo will take steps to prevent this from happening to new Joy-Con models.

You can also pre-order the Nintendo Switch Lite now. This includes the Gray, Yellow, and Turquoise models, in addition to the Zacian and Zamazenta version. The first three colours release on September 20, while the Zacian and Zamazenta edition releases on November 8, a week before Pokemon Sword / Shield.

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