Nintendo Switch-Exclusive Arms Will Launch Alongside New Joycon Color In June

A new Neon Yellow Joycon controller as well as a battery adapter will join Arms on June 16.

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Nintendo promised new details about Arms during today's Direct presentation, and the developer delivered. The full Arms breakout is above, which details both a new character for the game (Minmin) as well as an in-depth explanation of how combat will work.

In addition to the Arms gameplay details, Nintendo also revealed that the game will launch on June 16. On that same day, we'll get two new Nintendo peripherals: a Neon Yellow joycon controller, and a Joycon battery pack adaptor (to give the handheld controllers a little more juice on the go. The name of the peripheral is apparently: AA Battery Pack.

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For more information from today's Nintendo Direct, check out our full recap here.

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that is truly horrendous

Avatar image for fibaglassmonkey

That is hideous

Avatar image for Red_hot_smasher

Why'd they name it "Neon Yellow" when it looks like high visibility jacket green in the pictures?

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eh...don't like the Neon Yellow color.

Though the added grip peripheral is nice, since it also adds battery, though I don't see the necessity for that since the Joy-cons already have a good battery life.

Avatar image for indojimbo

I want a dark yellow

Avatar image for justincoool

ARMS looks fun!

Avatar image for twztid13

Here comes the milking of the joycons.

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@twztid13: Milk White, great idea!