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Nintendo Switch EShop Update Adds A Nice New Feature

The Switch's Eshop has been updated again.


The Nintendo Switch Eshop store has been updated with a nice new feature. The store was refreshed today to include a section that shows all the games currently on sale.

Nintendo Everything spotted this, and we've since checked in with the US and Australian store pages to find that the "Games On Sale" tab is there--though it is desolate right now. On the US Eshop, two titles are listed: The Bridge and Infinite MiniGolf. The Australian Eshop page, meanwhile, has those games and one more: Unbox - Newbie's Adventure. The Switch Eshop overall has a smaller number of games than the Xbox Store or PlayStation Store, so it is no surprise that the "Games On Sale" page would feature a relatively low number of titles. It will surely fill out in time.

The Xbox and PlayStation digital stores also let you filter by games that are on sale, as do PC digital storefronts such as Steam and Origin, among others. The Switch's new "Games On Sale" tab adds to the existing ones such as "Recent Releases," "Best Sellers," "Coming Soon," and "Enter Code."

The Nintendo Switch's online features are currently free, but at some point in 2018, Nintendo will start to change a fee for online multiplayer and more. This will start at $4/month, scaling to $20/year for a year-long membership. By comparison, Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus cost $60/year.

What other new features would you like to see come to the Switch's Eshop? Let us know in the comments below!

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