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Nintendo Switch Eshop Sale With A Bunch Of Horror Games

Deals to send a chill down your spine.


Nintendo Eshop doesn't have regularly scheduled sales. Instead, for anyone who likes a good deal on a Switch game, it can feel like a bubbling cauldron of price changes. Even so, a number of games have just gone on sale, so we've compiled the best of the bunch below--including an array of horror games for anyone looking for a pre-Halloween scare.

While we're on the subject of spooky games, you can grab a pair of disarmingly dark puzzle platformers for cheap right now. In Limbo (on sale for $7), you play as a child who encounters all manner of side-scrolling horrors, most of which can kill him brutally in an instant. The game's spiritual successor, Inside, is equally bleak but significantly weirder; it's on sale for $14.

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The creepy, ghost-filled adventure game Oxenfree is on sale for $5. For $14 you can get Layers of Fear, an adventure game about a painter who's going mad in his spooky mansion. And if you want to put a little shuffle in your horror, you can pick up Crypt of the NecroDancer, a roguelike dungeon crawler that adds a rhythm element to the whole affair.

On a lighter note, the delightful RPG Golf Story is on sale for $10, while Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate has dipped down to $45. And although it's a fairly recent release, you can pick up Lego The Incredibles for $36 instead of its usual $60. You'll find more Nintendo Switch deals below, or you can hop over to the Eshop for the full list.

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