Nintendo Switch Eshop Adds Two More Games Today

Fighting and puzzling.


One of the biggest games to date for Nintendo Switch, Splatoon 2, arrives tomorrow, July 21. Ahead of its release, a pair of new titles have arrived on the system's Eshop.

First up is Boost Beast, a sort of action-puzzle game. It consists of match-3-style gameplay, but with the added element of fighting off waves of zombies as you play. You assume the role of "Alec, the king of the dogs," who uses his army of animals to fight off these monsters. It's priced at $10/£9.

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Today's other new addition is the obligatory ACA Neo Geo release. This time around, it's Samurai Shodown, the 1993 fighting game that kicked off the long-running series. It distinguished itself from competitors at the time with a focus on weapon-based combat and a Rage system where, after taking a certain amount of damage, players' attacks become stronger. Samurai Shodown carries the usual Neo Geo game pricing of $8/£6.29.

This is all an appetizer for tomorrow's release of Splatoon 2. The colorful shooter introduces new weapons and mechanics while retaining a similar style of gameplay to that of its popular Wii U predecessor. You can check out GameSpot's Splatoon 2 review now, but be forewarned that its online voice chat setup is less than elegant.

In terms of sheer volume, it's been somewhat slow on the Eshop this week as compared with a week ago, when five new games landed. Those included Death Squared and Fatal Fury Special. Next week's releases are headlined by Namco Museum, a collection of Namco games like the beloved Pac-Man Vs., which supports a form of DS-style Download Play.

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