Nintendo Switch Eshop Adds Four New Games Today

Overcooked: Special Edition launches today.


Update: There's actually a fourth Nintendo Switch game now available on the Eshop that isn't in Nintendo's weekly press release on new game releases. Physical Contact: Speed is a card game that costs $5/£4.49, and while we can't say whether it's any good, its bizarre Eshop description is certainly worth a read.

Original Story: New games for Nintendo Switch continue to roll out on the Eshop. Today brings with it three more, including another very good party game.

The most notable of today's releases is Overcooked: Special Edition. It's a co-op cooking game that sticks you in a wide variety of different kitchens, including those located in (and split across) moving vehicles. Despite the simple controls, cooperation and communication are key as there can be a lot to keep track of if you want to avoid burning your kitchen down. The Special Edition subtitle refers to the inclusion of DLC (adding more levels) that was released for the original version of the game that came out last year, as well as HD Rumble support. It costs $20/£16.

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Also new today is Qbics Paint ($5/£4.49), a 3D modeling and painting game. This uses the system's touchscreen to let you sculpt voxel-based models with your fingers, paint them, and then place them in various stock photos (if you so desire).

Finally, this week's obligatory ACA Neo Geo game is Super Sidekicks. It's a soccer game originally released for Neo Geo in 1992, and it features support for two-player multiplayer. As with other Neo Geo games on Switch, it costs $8/£6.29.

These games follow one, Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star, that released for Switch earlier this week. At least two more are scheduled to hit the Eshop tomorrow: Namco Museum (a compilation of games, including Pac-Man Vs.) and Ultra Hyperball.

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