Nintendo Switch Eshop Adds A Bunch Of Games This Week

Stardew Valley, Axiom Verge, and more are out now.


It may be some time before we see the Eshop as busy as it was last week, when a whopping 18 games were released for Nintendo Switch. But the latest Eshop update is no slouch, bringing seven new games to the platform, with three more to arrive in the coming days. [Update: The first of those, Oxenfree, is out now.]

Most notably, as announced earlier this week, the Nintendo Switch version of Stardew Valley is finally available. Priced at $15/£11, the charming Harvest Moon-style game lets you create and tend to your own farm, get married, and generally relax. It seems like a perfect match with the portability of Switch, and it'll also be the first console version to receive Stardew Valley's upcoming multiplayer mode.

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Those looking for something more action-oriented can pick up Axiom Verge, the acclaimed Metroidvania game, which costs $20/£15. Joining it is bloody 2D action game Volgarr the Viking ($10/£9), action-puzzle game Tumblestone ($15/£12), multiplayer beat-em-up Ninja Shodown ($15/£10), and the visually interesting side-scrolling shooter Earth Atlantis ($15/£13.49). There's also, of course, the obligatory ACA Neo Geo game; this time around, it's the delightful Metal Slug X ($8/£6.29).

Following all of this, the excellent adventure game Oxenfree ($20/£16) arrives on Friday, October 6. And you can look forward to at least two games during the early part of next week, with one-on-one shoot-em-up Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle ($30) and 2D action-platformer Tiny Barbarian DX ($30) releasing on October 10. The month's big release, Super Mario Odyssey, is coming up on October 27.

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