Nintendo Switch Demo For Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Available Now

Switch players will get to try this expanded version of the 3DS game.


Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate will release for Nintendo Switch soon, and now Capcom has dropped some news on Twitter via the game's account. It's releasing a free, playable demo of the game on August 16, where you'll get the chance to try all six Hunting Styles and new Prowler abilities. [Update: The demo is now live on the Eshop.]

The full game will release on Switch on August 28, but 3DS players may be very familiar with it. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is an expanded version of the original Monster Hunter Generations, which came out on 3DS in 2015. It includes more content, including two new Hunting Styles (Alchemy and Valor), an additional Elder Dragon, and a new endgame boss. You'll also be able to go on "G Rank" quests identified as "even more formidable versions of familiar foes." The game has already been out in Japan for some time under the name Monster Hunter XX.

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If you already own Monster Hunter Generations on 3DS, you'll be able to continue playing with your same hunters by transferring save game data to Ultimate (no word on whether this is possible in the demo). The game also supports four-player multiplayer (local and online), and will make use of the Switch's touchscreen when it's time to unleash a powerful Hunter Art move.

When Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate releases, players will also be able to access special armor based on Link's Champion's Tunic from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and will also be able to craft a Korok costume for your Palico. In other Monster Hunter news, Monster Hunter World just released on PC via Steam, with updates seen in the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game being released gradually.

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