Nintendo Switch Day-One Update's Effect On Joy-Con Sync Issues Remains Unclear

Nintendo still hasn't commented on the issues.


Ahead of its launch tomorrow, March 3, the Nintendo Switch's day-one update has gone live, but we don't yet know whether or not it's resolved Joy-Con syncing issues.

With the Nintendo Switch getting into the hands of the press over the last week-plus, numerous reports emerged about the Joy-Cons losing sync with the system. This happens when the Joy-Cons--especially the left one--are used while not attached to the system. Experiments by outlets like GameXplain and Digital Foundry suggest the problem may be due at least in part to obstructions between the Joy-Cons and the Switch itself.

The problem can be virtually nonexistent for some (as has been the case for many of us at GameSpot). For others, it's made it incredibly difficult to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, where de-syncing can lead to frustrating deaths as players lose control of Link's movement.

Nintendo has not specifically addressed these issues, but there has been some hope that the day-one update would resolve or at least mitigate them. With the update now here, the results have been mixed.

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Certain users, including some on Reddit, have found the update seemingly fixed the issues entirely. Others have found the problem still exists, which in turn led to speculation that the Joy-Cons need to be attached to the system when it reboots post-update in order to receive the necessary update. However, Digital Foundry tried this and found that the problem persists.

GameSpot reached out to Nintendo once again following the update's release today and has still not received any comment regarding its stance on the issues. We'll report back as we learn more.

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