Nintendo Switch Could Get More Monster Hunter Games, But Not The One You Want

Sorry Switch owners, no Monster Hunter: World for you.


Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is scheduled to come to Nintendo Switch on August 28, but everyone wants to know if 2018's critically acclaimed Monster Hunter World could have a future on the console as well. According to Siliconera, Capcom responded to the question in a Q&A session held after the company's 39th shareholders meeting.

Turns out the answer is a resounding "no." Though disappointing, Capcom has its reasons. Monster Hunter World is literally too large a game for Nintendo Switch. Capcom did follow up with the announcement that the Switch might see another Monster Hunter game, something other than Generations Ultimate, added to its library, though.

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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is the expanded version of 2015's Monster Hunter Generations for 3DS. We gave the original game an 8/10. In our Monster Hunter Generations review, Justin Haywald said, "After dozens of hours I feel like I've barely scratched the surface of this adventure--there are other weapons and Hunter Art combinations I want to try, and of course, there are many more monsters to hunt. With Monster Hunter you get out what you put into the game, and Monster Hunter Generations is a game that compels me to put in more of my time."

Even if it's not coming to Switch, Monster Hunter World is getting an update on Xbox One and PS4. On July 13, the game's summer event, titled Summer Twilight Fest, brings new quests, limited-time bounties, and aesthetic changes to the action RPG. Monster Hunter World comes to PC this fall.

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