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Nintendo Switch Could Be a "Game-Changer," May Have Motion Controls, GameStop Says

Yet another industry member praises Nintendo's new console.


[UPDATE] GameStop CEO Paul Raines also suggested during the call that the Nintendo Switch may have some kind of motion controls.

"The Switch is a very interesting device.... A movement-related game is more fun for kids, you know, taking those [Joy-con controllers off] and then the master controller, you can really do a lot of interesting things with that in gameplay."

"I think it has tremendous potential as a game-changer. We'll have to wait and see. Like everything else in this industry, the consumers will vote with their dollars."

The original story is below.

After the Wii U underperformed, retailer GameStop appears to be optimistic about Nintendo's Switch console. Speaking during an earnings briefing today, CEO Paul Raines revealed that he played the console and came away impressed.

"The Nintendo Switch, which I played at Nintendo a few weeks ago--we believe could be another game-changer that will expand the audience for gaming," the executive said.

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Also during the call, management said early metrics show that GameStop PowerUp Rewards members are aware of, and interested in, the system. Twenty-seven percent of GameStop's PowerUp Rewards members who are aware of the Nintendo Switch plan to buy the console, the company said. This pre-launch purchase intent metric is in line with that of the Xbox One at a similar point in time.

The company pointed out that this figure could go higher after Nintendo's Switch news event in January. During that event, Nintendo will announce the console's price, specs, and launch lineup.

Raines is just the latest to praise the Nintendo Switch, as Skyrim director Todd Howard recently said he played the console at E3 this year and was blown away. "Probably the best demo I've ever seen," he said. The day that the Switch was announced, October 20, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said the console has the potential to "redefine" gaming.

The Switch goes on sale in March 2017. In other news, GameStop suggested today that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild may come out in March alongside the console.

GameStop's latest earnings report wasn't what the company wanted to see, as revenue and profit fell year-over-year due in part to decreased game sales. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was called out as a game that underperformed.

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