Nintendo Switch Bundle Includes Splatoon 2 And New Joy-Con Colors

Green and pink Joy-Cons make their debut in North America with this bundle.


Those still in the market for a Nintendo Switch will soon have a new option when deciding how to purchase it. Nintendo has announced a new Splatoon 2 bundle for North America, though only a single store will carry it.

Following the launch of Splatoon 2 bundles in Europe and Japan, North America will get one starting on September 8. For $380, it includes a Switch, a digital copy of Splatoon 2, and a carrying case. It will only be available at Walmart. Nintendo did not say how long it will be available for.

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Notably, the Joy-Cons that the system comes with are the neon pink and neon green ones that were previously unavailable in the US. Nintendo's press release notes this bundle gives "fans in North America their first chance to get their hands on that Joy-Con color combination." That suggests these controller controllers will be sold separately at a later date.

Nintendo currently offers two different versions of the base system itself: one with grey Joy-Cons, and one with a red and blue pair. Yellow Joy-Cons released alongside Arms are also available but only as a purchase separate from the system.

This Splatoon 2 bundle marks the Switch's first official bundle in North America. However, retailers have made a habit of selling their limited supply of Switch systems in bundles that package the system together with games and accessories. Stock remains limited, with the system selling out very quickly whenever it returns to stores--when it's sold on its own, at least.

Switch's next big release is the XCOM-esque Mario & Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. Beyond that, Super Mario Odyssey is slated to launch on October 27.

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